Our Mission

To make selling customizable products online
simple and effective.

There is a myriad of e-commerce solutions for static products out there. But as soon as you want to offer the simplest of choices for your customers (i.e. different colors), you’d hit a road block. So we started Combeenation to fill the void and make selling products that are customizable possible for everyone.

At Combeenation we assembled a team of technical pioneers and e-business experts to make the vision a reality – all driven by a mutual ambition for individualization and mass customization – the perfect mix to get the party started.

Until Combeenation there was no comprehensive e-commerce solution for customizable products on the market. But there is a reason companies have previously failed to deliver on this opportunity. Building software that fits every product and requirements is a huge task that requires commitment and a large affinity to solve complex problems. We took up the challenge and we succeeded. We built the most powerful product configuration system including an all-in-one web shop everyone can use. Rock’n’roll!

Klaus Pilsl

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With outstanding knowledge in realizing industry configurator projects and many years of e-commerce experience Klaus is the technical mastermind behind Combeenation.

Paul Blazek

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Paul brings in extensive know-how about customer needs in the world of customization. He has worked on more than 300 industry and research projects.