A few days ago we received a little package which has conjured us a smile on our faces. We are talking about the new book “Knowledge-Based Configuration – From Research to Business Cases” from Alexander Felfernig, Lothar Hotz, Claire Bagley and Juha Tiihonen.

The book is comprised of 27 chapters and includes detailed discussion of state-of-the art configuration knowledge engineering approaches such as automated testing and debugging, redundancy detection, and conflict management. It represents the first time that corporate and academic worlds collaborate integrating research and commercial benefits of knowledge-based configuration. Additionally, it explores the commercial benefits of knowledge-based configuration technologies to business sectors from services to industrial equipment

More than 40 authors from research and practice contributed and made this book a must-read for everybody interested in configuration systems. We are very happy that Combeenation is featured in one of the chapters as configurator application technology.

“The configuration environment Combeenation is an innovative look and feel environment that supports application development on a graphical level. The definition of a configuration knowledge base is product-centered, which means that component and constraint definitions are directly attached to a graphical representation of the configurable product. This approach allows for rapid prototyping processes in the context of knowledge-based systems development and maintenance. Furthermore, Combeenation allows for immediate user testing and feedback; erroneous behavior of the application can be immediately reported to the responsible knowledge engineer.”

Want to read more about the state of the art of configuration systems? The book can be found on Amazon!