Combeenation: Winner of the EuroCloud Austria Awards 2017

Combeenation Eurocloud Award Winner

Combeenation wins the EuroCloud Austria Award 2017 in the category “Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets”. The EuroCloud Austria Awards are promoting the best Austrian practices in cloud implementation in various sectors, best methodologies used in cloud migration and the innovation spurred by cloud services. The winners of the national awards also have the chance to get the EuroCloud Award at the European level.

We are very happy about this award. It honors the decision we made right from the start: to provide our customers with maximum flexibility and scalability in the use of configurators. The advantages of our cloud-based configurator management system:

  • Easy integration into the existing company infrastructure
  • Risk minimization through low investment and reduction of fixed costs
  • No installation of additional software
  • Temporal and local flexibility
  • Secure exchange of data

Statement of the jury: Combeenation is state of the art at the technological level and offers a perfect solution for the big trend “customization”. This issue will become more and more important over the next few years.

Combeenation offers a solution that can be applied to any industry, market or product. Read more about the benefits of customization and how to apply them in your company.

Combeenation Eurocloud Award
Combeenation CVO Paul Blazek

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