The field of mass customization is a huge and dynamic one. More and more companies jump on to the movement towords customizaton and offer a product configurator.

cyLEDGE Media is well known for doing extensive research in this field. The configurator database, launched by cyLEDGE Media in 2007, is known as the worldwide most extensive collection of web-based product configurators. The database includes more than 900 configurators and is a great source for informing about developments in mass customization.

We at Combeenation appreciate this work, because it’s fundamental for everyone, who works in the field of mass customization or is interested in it. We have used the database ourselfs dozens of times and therefore we are very proud to take part in this great research and support the B/W Edition of the Configurator Database Report 2013.

We are amazed time and again how many different types of product configurators exist. The report provides a great overview of where configurators are used. Below you find the table of the industries in the configurator database with some exemplary products.

Industries of the Configurator Database


We highly recommend the report as core literature in every e-commerce-oriented office.

Trough our support it is possible to offer the report for the competetive price of €29. So grab the chance and improve your knowledge of mass customization!

You can find the B/W edition on LULU or in selected book stores.