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Innovative design solutions for improved customer loyalty

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Case Study
Ambitious design solutions paired with an innovative product configurator.
Having experts as customers is always challenging. This applies to the US company B+N Industries, who was looking for solutions to make product creation easier and more exciting for the customer.  But how do you sell products, which rely heavily on customer know-how? The Combeenation product configurator offers exactly what B+N Industries was looking for.  
BNIndustries Shelf
Starting Point
Discriminating Customers Require New Solutions

Based in Burlingame, California,  B+N Industries is an innovative designer and manufacturer of products and services for the retail, architectural, and hospitality industries in both the domestic and international markets. One of their products, System 1224, is a wall-mounted modular shelving system. Its grid-based layout and high customizability,  allow for individual custom solutions. Their clients typically already have a certain level of product knowledge; they have an understanding on how product functions but are interested in creating customized solutions. 

Collaborating with experts increases expectations: 

  • How can one present the intelligence of the product? 
  • How can customer creations be visualized in real-time? 
  • How can waiting period for requests be reduced? 
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Solution with product configurator
A Product Configurator as Unique Selling Point

With the Combeenation product configurator, B+N industries can engage and educate customers by showing them how inventive and versatile System 1224 is.  Personal, one on one advice may still be necessary,  but not at the beginning of the customer journey.  By using the online configurator, a Customer gains familiarity and knowledge of the system, learning its benefits and customizing possibilities, thus making it easier to sell the system. 

The realistic visualization of their individualized design solution as well as the user-friendly selection and input of various parameters, convey the unique intelligence of the product. Customers insert information about their room and wall dimensions and then populate the available space with System 1224 components: panels, shelves, and accessories. 

BNIndustries Shelf
Benefits of implementation
Reduction of Repetitive Work and Learning Curve in using the Product

The Combeenation product configurator allows the customer to playfully explore the variety in the system. Potential buyers gain experience and knowledge of the system by figuring out what is possible and what is not. In the past, it was necessary to repeat these work steps over and over. Thanks to the implementation of the configurator this repetitive work gets reduced. 

  As a new touchpoint, the configurator can 

  •   provide a clear solution for space which reduces the required consultation via email or telephone 
  • accurately visualize the configurated solution 
  • create a bill of material and a quote 

Compiling the fitting System 1224 gets facilitated through the user-friendly and intuitive tool. Within the configurator, the customer always sees which combinations are feasible. Subsequently, customers can discuss the configurated design solution with B+N Industries, and a draft can easily be complemented or modified. By reducing the implementation period, the customer frustration level gets minimized. 

Configurator Insights

„It has been a great experience to work with Combeenation and their software. What we like most is the ability to dictate the rules-based building logic. Our customers can now access our full catalog of parts and easily configure an infinite possibility of assemblies, all based on rules we have established.“ 
BN Schultis Quote
Kevin Shultis, Director of Design

About B+N Industries

B+N Industries is a US-based company that designs and manufactures modern modular shelving and architectural systems for the retail, hospitality, residential, and contract industries offering individualized customer solutions. For more than 30 years they have been supporting renowned customers like McDonald’s and the Bank of America. 

Highlights Combeenation Configurator

  • Visualization 3D 
  • Only feasible solutions can be configured. 
  • Details like color and materials can be set globally and individually per part 
  • Gathering of necessary parameters 
  • Automated generation of bill of material, 3D wall installation as well as 2D technical drawings 
  • Price calculation as a sum of individual parts 
  • Automated customer email with a bill of material as well as a 3d export,  which can be used in other planning programs. 
  • Embedding in the existing website as iFrame