Combeenation am MEA KULMA Innovation Festival

CEO Klaus Pilsl confirmed as Keynote Speaker at MEA KULMA Innovation Festival 2019

The MEA KULMA Innovation Festival 2019 will take place from June 26-28 in Kulma in the East of Austria. There, innovation enthusiasts will receive a new place for learning and networking and Klaus Pilsl has been invited to share his stories and experiences as a founder with the festival audience.

By combining innovation and sustainability, the new festival format promises fresh inspiration in an unexpected location. A perfect chance for our CEO Klaus Pilsl to let the visitors see the world through the eyes of a company founder. Just as well, he’d like to show how important it is to overcome thought barriers and to create a corporate culture where innovation isn’t just treated as yet another buzzword. For him, MEA KULMA poses as a completely new festival format for learning and networking: “In my opinion, the usual festivals don’t really enable their visitors to free their minds from usual thought patterns. Innovation has to happen at eye level in order to be effective and that’s what MEA KULMA is all about.”

The idea of forming an innovation community where people can explore undiscovered ground together and where a new innovation culture can find its place is being supported by Combeenation with a premium sponsorship. “The motivated and brave members of our team are absolutely crucial to our success. We are looking for many more who are not afraid to question the status quo and who are willing to join us in shaping the future together”, as Klaus put it.