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12.Apr 2021

... discover our new free demo access

Combeenation was founded in 2009. Since then, the platform has been continuously developed with the aim of being able to build product configurators - regardless of the complexity of the product logic or level of demands on product visualization.

Now the time has come to make the platform available to our partners. With a demo account you can quickly find out how a configurator is developed with Combeenation:

  • the structure of the user interface
  • the mapping of the product data and logic
  • the integration of the visualization elements
  • the connection of these 3 core parts to the functional configurator

Expand Combeenation 

This step represents a significant milestone for Combeenation. Until now we have focused on building the best product configurators on the market, but now a new facet is being added: each of our partners should successfully integrate our system to their service portfolio quickly and  intuitively.

We have invested a lot of time and ideas in this task over the past few months: various internal meetings across all departments. Much more valuable external input from our first partners. Ideas that have been shared, evaluated and refined - and some of them simply discarded.

The result is impressive - get your access now

Now it is time. As a Combeenation partner, you can now access our platform and get started within a few minutes. With our demo access and the demo configurator provided there, you can quickly and easily convince yourself of the complete Combeenation platform functionality and performance potential.

Simple contact us here and we will provide a free demo access within a few hours!

What’s next?

Of course, we are constantly developing and improving our platform. Thus, we are really looking forward to your feedback and your ideas! Together with our entire community, we want to make Combeenation the standard for the development of product configurators!

The following points are next on our roadmap:

A dashboard that gives you a quick overview of the performance of your configurators and the most important data about your users.

Headless Integration
The future is headless - the separation and integrability of business logic and the respective channels is becoming more and more important. With a new data architecture including a GraphQL interface, we will easily enable technical integration with other systems, especially PIM and e-commerce platforms.

Freemium 3D and AR
Combeenation configurators aim to offer market-leading customer experience. 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) in particular are state-of-the-art. To offer you and your customers the easiest possible way to get started, we are working on a freemium version for our 3D viewer and the integration of AR. This allows you to present your customers with a prototype of their 3D visualized product in the browser within a few hours.

In order to make working with our platform as effective as possible, we will provide a live chat. For quick answers to questions and easy solution of problems.

You want to start now and get to know our platform for free?

Here you get your personal demo access.