Configurator relaunch made simple

24.Jun 2021

Can I reuse my existing configurator if I want to use a new website or store system? This is a question that companies often ask too late, because not all existing configurators can be easily integrated into new store systems/websites!

But not with configurators from Combeenation. The advantage here - there is a modular structure:

  • Product logic
    All rules for the combinability of the individual properties are defined here. Can I combine "Component A" with "Component B"? Can I use "Material A" with "Component Z"? What is the maximum size? ...

  • Optics (Design & Usability)
    To achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction, configurators must be visually appealing and user-friendly. Therefore, it is recommended to question the usability again and again. This includes navigation, user guidance, loading times, clarity,...!

The great thing about the two modules: they act independently of each other. If you want to change the look, the complex product logic in the background remains untouched.


Advantages of relaunching Combeenation configurators

  • Future-proof: Configurators from Combeenation are independent of websites and store systems.

  • Costs vs. benefits: With relatively little money and time, a completely new configurator can be created that is adapted to the current design. Without changing the underlying product logic.

  • Cloud-based solution: no new installation or upgrade necessary.


Practical example: configurator relaunch at Pieno

"As a family business, we have been driven for more than 45 years to build the technically perfect front door so that our customers can enjoy decades of design and function." Mario Pilsl, CEO of PIENO

However, the perfect front door is not a standard product. As unique as customers are, so are their front doors. They reflect their taste and character. At Pieno, special solutions are the standard. Customers are free to choose from a wide variety of surfaces, materials, colors, finishes or personalizations and combine them individually using a configurator.

Pieno's front door configurator was a pioneer in its field, one of our first customers and has been in use for more than 8 years. In the course of a planned website relaunch in 2020, Pieno realized that the look of the configurator no longer matched the rest of the company's appearance.

Old design



New design



In relatively few steps, Combeenation gave the existing configurator a new look and revised the complete usability and appearance.

  • The complex product logic in the background was created years ago and remained untouched during the relaunch. This is not a matter of course. There are countless providers where a configurator has to be relaunched after years because the software is no longer compatible with the changed requirements/circumstances.

  • The product was not changed and yet the customer perceives a completely new configurator with significantly improved usability.

Tip: Configurators should by no means be regarded as a static solution. They should also be adapted and updated from time to time. In this way, they can always provide the customer with the optimum buying experience and at the same time stand out from the competition.

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