Airport Norwegen

Customization Projects in Norway

Watch the video and read more about our trip to Røros, Norway.

Klaus, Paul and Martina had a follow-up meeting with the 3 Norwegian companies Røros ProdukterRøros Metalland Røros Dører og Vinduer. These companies are part of a project aiming at implementing consumer-oriented sales strategies. One main aspect is the testing and integration of online configurators as a core tool for sales and production processes.

Impressionen vom Projekt Meeting in Røros: Ein bisschen Sonne, viel Schnee, und noch mehr Produkt Individualisierung.


The initiator of the 3 customization projects is SINTEF, the leading Norwegian research organization. Combeenation presented individual configuration solutions for each of the three companies with a specialized UX Design approach for customization and choice navigation solutions.

Norwegen am Morgen
The sun does not get much higher in winter in Røros.


It’s always a pleasure to be in Norway and work with very open-minded and innovative colleagues. For Combeenation it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility of our Configurator Management System. We are looking forward to seeing the first results.

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