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Where can I find detailed information about ...

... Configurators?

What is a product configurator?

Basically, a configurator is a tool that enables users to adapt the components and properties of a product in such a way that the fully configured end product meets the user's expectations. The user's requirements are optimally covered. This significantly increases the likelihood of conversion.

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Which products are a perfect fit for a configurator?

We recommend the use of a product configurator especially for products for which the properties of the product itself or its appearance can be changed.
The large number of variants can be easily and clearly presented in the configurator.

Thus, the most suitable products are varied products with many characteristics. Products whose geometry can be adapted are also suitable for a product configurator.

Are you unsure? Your product does not fully meet the stated requirements? No problem - we will be happy to answer your questions and support you in checking the feasibility of your planned configurator project.

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When do I need a product configurator?

  1. No or low online sales and conversion rates
  2. I want to significantly increase our conversion rate and the shopping cart value
  3. Need to switch to e-commerce and online sales
  4. Complex products, which are difficult to explain
  5. Thousands or millions of product variations
  6. I want to sell our varied products through our webshop
  7. Problems when trying to digitize my products
  8. Problems when trying to digitize my sales process
  9. Long sales cycles
  10. Too many wrong orders/returns
  11. I want to get rid of all the price lists, brochures and catalogs
  12. I want to support my sales staff or dealer networks with active sales and thus significantly increase the completion rate

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Why Combeenation?

Combeenation has been focusing exclusively on the implementation of product configurators for over 10 years. Through the experience of numerous projects in a wide variety of industries, our customers benefit from the solutions to the problems that we have already faced. We are always focusing on the customer. Our configurator platform includes a kit, where we are able to calculate product logics server-sided and therefore no company know-how is available on the client's browser. A user-friendly, individual interface is our secret for a successful product configurator. Because, finally, your customer always decides about your success.

What if I don't have 3D data?

No Problem. We are happy to advise in any topic concerning 3D. CAD data can often be a good starting point for creating 3D data. But product photos can also serve as a template. Together, we would be happy to assess your individual starting position in a free initial consultation. Then we will find the perfect solution for your problem.

How can I start my ...

... Configurator Project?

How does the cooperation with Combeenation look like?

The implementation of a configurator on the Combeenation platform can be realized by Combeenation itself for you or by one of our numerous partners. If you would like to become a Combeenation partner, you can find more information  here

What is Combeenation?

Combeenation is a platform on which you can build and host product configurators. Due to the modular architecture and the integrated staging system, maintenance, care and further development steps are significantly more efficient and future-proof than individual programming.

Combeenation Backend

Our Staging concepts means stages until a configurator is actually published. First, an initial configurator is implemented, which becomes a test version in the next step. Then, the go-live of the configurator is initiated (= published). High quality is essential. Therefore, the next level is only reached when the corresponding quality requirements of the current level are met.

How long does it take to implement a configurator?

This varies depending on the initial situation, data situation and project size. On average, however, you should plan for at least 2 to 4 months.

Our main objective is to deliver an initial draft of a functional configurator quickly - for example, in the first step, a product variant is implemented. Product groups and functionalities can then be added gradually. Your advantage - first feedback (from customers, suppliers, other stakeholders) about the configurator can be obtained quite early within the project. This feedback can then be considered within the project implementation. This guarantees a high level of customer acceptance and minimizes your project risk.

What has to be considered when starting a configurator project?

A successful configurator project also requires your commitment. You should plan enough human resources on your side, especially at the start of the project. Good and complete data preparation is time efficient and saves money. A project manager should be able to answer and coordinate questions about the product. Active cooperation is essential for the success of your project.

How do I get my configurator?

You will receive a URL where your personal configurator is linked. This can be integrated into your website, webshop or landing page via iFrame.

What are the costs of a configurator project?

Combeenation is available to you as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and is therefore billed monthly. With this cloud-based implementation, the software remains in Combeenation's data center. Your configurator can be accessed from any device via the Internet browser, regardless of location. You do not have to worry about installation, licenses, updates or maintenance - Combeenation takes care of that.

Why are there ongoing costs?

Combeenation offers "Software-as-a-Service". The Combeenation platform enables the implementation of product configurators of various designs. Existing configurators can be maintained, adapted or supplemented at any time without affecting ongoing operations. Topics such as hosting, scaling and availability are also part of the package. Once the configurator has been completed, you will receive a link that you can integrate into your website, web shop or landing page via iFrame. Your advantage - you benefit from the constant further development, continuous updates and new functionalities of our platform.

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How is a configurator structured?

Configurator Structure

At first, the user interface is designed relying to Corporate Design.
The product logic is implemented and the user interface is filled with data step by step.
The visualization provides visual feedback; depending on the application, this can be implemented in 2D or 3D.

Can I continue to use my existing e-commerce or ERP systems?

Yes, our Flex-Checkout establishes a connection to the desired e-commerce or ERP system. The configured data is then transferred to the higher-level page in JSON format.

What is a closed solution space?

The following example shows the solution space of a bicycle:

Closed Solution Space

This means that there are a defined number of customization variants in the available categories, for example three different colors. The customer can only choose from the available configuration options. Here we are talking about a closed solution space.

The opposite is an open solution space, in which the customer can, for example, string any number of elements together.

Open Solution Space

“Any number” is an open solution area, which ideally is restricted by the definition of a maximum total length.

What is your technology stack?

Combeenation is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for managing product configurators.

This is our stack with the most important technologies and tools for creating our platform.

Technology Stack

What visualization options do I have?

For a 2D configurator, high-quality photographic material is required that matches every available product option / product specification, which should actually be displayed visually. Example: bike frames in all available colors. We would be happy to analyze your source material for a 3D configurator. In the best case, .glb data are used for visualization. Alternatively, existing CAD data from Combeenation or our partners can be adapted and optimized accordingly for use in a configurator.

Below you will find examples of a 2D and a 3D configurator

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>> Link to the 2D Configurator of QUQON


>> Link to the 3D Configurator of Molto Luce