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Who is Combeenation?

Welcome to Combeenation! We are passionate about developing groundbreaking 3D configurators, CPQ solutions, 3D viewers and augmented reality experiences. With our cloud-based platform, you can now take control and create impressive configurators yourself.

Why should you choose Combeenation?

Combeenation is a pioneer in the field of configurators & CPQ solutions and has more than 15 years of experience. Through this long time, the company has acquired unique knowledge that it would like to share. Started as an Austrian startup, the company is now a global player. You can find more information about us here.

Combeenation has already received several IT awards, including the Constantinus Award, the EuroCloud Award, the Upper Austrian State Award for Innovation and the Digital Business Trends Award in the Business Revolution category. As part of the Austrian State Award Digital Solutions 2017, Combeenation was recognized as one of the leading Austrian companies in the digital landscape. Furthermore, in 2020 they were awarded as "Mass Customizing Innovator of The Year".

Who are the customers?

The customer list ranges from startups and medium-sized companies to international corporations and well-known digital agencies. Among the best known are Molto Luce, BBQ Kitchen, KLAFS or Profishop Jungheinrich. Here you can find selected case studies and references.

Why "configurator for demanding requirements"?

Combeenation is the epitome of "configurators for demanding requirements". Why?

  • In contrast to conventional providers, we can map millions of product variations. There are no limits to the complexity and diversity of variants.
  • We place a strong focus on outstanding usability, performance and visualization that set industry standards.
  • We do not have "one fits all solutions". We focus on customized solutions with a unique approach to implementation.


What types of collaboration does Combeenation offer?

Combeenation offers you two main options:

  • You can create a configurator yourself.
    Web or JavaScript developers are able to build configurators themselves with the Combeenation platform. Discover more detailed information on creating configurators and register on the platform now.
  • You can have a configurator created by Combeenation.
    This is how the collaboration works: After a non-binding initial meeting, the specific requirements are defined together. Based on this, Combeenation creates a click dummy for a first visual impression. If you are satisfied with this, an offer is drawn up and, ideally, implementation begins shortly afterwards. Request now.


What does a configurator cost?

Regardless of whether you want to create a configurator yourself or have one created for you. Regardless of whether you are a company, an agency or a start-up - choose the plan that best suits your requirements. Discover price models now.



What is the Combeenation platform?

With the Combeenation platform, companies or digital agencies can quickly and easily create their own product configurators. Enjoy functions and possibilities at the highest level, combined in a powerful configurator platform. We provide everything you need to create configurators for demanding requirements. Further information can be found under the following links:

What knowledge is required to use the platform?

It is not yet possible to do this without any technical knowledge. Web or JavaScript developers are able to build configurators with the platform. For this we recommend our developer documentation, our forum or video tutorials.

But don't worry. If you don't have any web or JavaScript knowledge, we can still help you. Request now.


How do I get 3D models?

Combeenation will be happy to create 3D models for you. Send a request to and you will receive a quote for your product within a few days. Here you can find guideline prices, so you can get an approximate feeling of what a 3D visualization can cost.


What are the advantages of a configurator?

The main benefits are increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction through the shopping experience, speeding up the sales process, simplifying quotation processes...! The list could be continued endlessly. Click here for more benefits on the topic of 3D configurators. 

Which products are suitable for a configurator?

Basically, a configurator can be used for almost any product - regardless of the industry. Combeenation recommends the use of a configurator especially for products where the characteristics can be changed on the product itself. By characteristics we mean, for example, the size, the material, the shape, the color, the number of elements,...! Because the large number of variations can be presented easily and clearly in the configurator.

Practical examples
lamp configurator, outdoor kitchen configurator, garage door configurator, porcelain configurator, furniture configurator,... 

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