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What are the advantages of a configurator?

The key benefits are increasing sales, reducing returns, increasing customer satisfaction through shopping experience, accelerating the sales process,...! The list could be continued endlessly. Click here for more benefits on the topic of 3D configurators. 

Which products are suitable for a configurator?

Basically, a configurator can be used for almost any product - regardless of the industry. Combeenation recommends the use of a configurator especially for products where the characteristics can be changed on the product itself. By characteristics we mean, for example, the size, the material, the shape, the color, the number of elements,...! Because the large number of variations can be presented easily and clearly in the configurator.

Practical examples
lamp configurator, motorcycle configurator, system furniture configuratordog crate configurator, furniture configurator,... 

What characterizes good configurators?

For a layman, evaluating configurators is extremely difficult. The difference is made by the invisible technology in the background and the platform on which configurators are created. Because it is not enough for a configurator to deliver beautiful product images. The decisive factor is that it sells! To do this, it must be structured and designed accordingly. It is not for nothing that our configurators are called "The sales boosting configurators".


Who is Combeenation?

Combeenation's passion is to develop groundbreaking configurators and help other companies leverage this knowledge and technology. The company therefore provides a web-based platform for creating groundbreaking configurators, product visualizations and augmented reality experiences for e-commerce. These can be maintained and extended at any time.

Why should you choose Combeenation?

Combeenation is a pioneer in the field of configurators and has more than 12 years of experience. Through this long time, the company has acquired unique knowledge that it would like to share. Started as an Austrian startup, the company is now a global player. You can find more information about us here.

Combeenation has already received several IT awards, including the Constantinus Award, the EuroCloud Award, the Upper Austrian State Award for Innovation and the Digital Business Trends Award in the Business Revolution category. As part of the Austrian State Award Digital Solutions 2017, Combeenation was recognized as one of the leading Austrian companies in the digital landscape. Furthermore, in 2020 they were awarded as "Mass Customizing Innovator of The Year".

Who are the customers?

The customer list ranges from startups and medium-sized companies to international corporations. Among the best known are Vespa, Molto Luce, or Profishop Jungheinrich. Here you can find selected case studies and references.

How can Combeenation help me?

Combeenation enables to create unique, 3D and AR experiences that increase your sales and create a shopping experience.

For the following concerns, Combeenation is your right contact:

  • You want to create a configurator yourself
  • You are a digital agency and need a configurator for your customers.
  • You would like Combeenation to create a configurator for you
  • You need a 3D model


What types of collaboration does Combeenation offer?

Combeenation enables to create unique, 3D and AR experiences that increase your sales and create a shopping experience.

For the following concerns, Combeenation is your right contact:

  • You want to create a configurator yourself
  • You are a digital agency and need a configurator for your customers.
  • You would like Combeenation to create a configurator for you
  • You need a 3D model

How does the cooperation work when Combeenation creates a configurator for me?

You can create a configurator yourself or have it created by an agency. However, if Combeenation creates the configurator for you, the collaboration proceeds as follows: After a non-binding initial meeting, the concrete requirements are defined together. Based on this, Combeenation creates a click dummy for a first visual impression. If you are satisfied with this, an offer is made and, ideally, implementation begins shortly thereafter. The duration of the implementation varies depending on the initial situation, data situation and project size.

On average, however, you should plan on at least 2 to 4 months. Combeenation's goal is to deliver a first fully functional configurator as quickly as possible - for example, during project implementation you can start with the implementation of one product variant. Further product groups and functionalities can be added gradually.

Don't worry, you definitely don't need any technical background when Combeenation creates the configurator for you.


What is the Combeenation platform?

With the Combeenation platform, companies or digital agencies can quickly and easily create product configurators. No matter if in 2D or 3D. The platform is a construction kit with features and tools. A configurator does not have to be built from scratch with it. For more information, see the following links:

Who is the Combeenation platform for?

The Combeenation platform is for all those individuals and companies who want to build the configurator themselves or have it built by a digital agency.

Can many accesses be performed simultaneously - without problems?

Yes, the combination of cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) ensures that a large number of simultaneous accesses (configuration sessions) can already be carried out without any problems. In addition, the infrastructure is designed to scale depending on the traffic. Our many years of experience in dealing with customers from the B2C sector who have large numbers of simultaneous accesses (e.g., for a product launch in an online store for consumer goods) also gives us the certainty that performance will not be a bottleneck.


What does a configurator cost?

  • Monthly service fee for the smooth operation of the configurator (Combeenation takes care of security, backups,...)
  • "Cost per minute" per actually performed configurations
  • Creation of the configurator: With the necessary know-how you can create a configurator yourself. However, if Combeenation builds your configurator, we can't give you a lump sum without talking to you first. That would be unserious. The costs for the creation of the configurator are individual and are charged according to effort (project with fixed price or according to hours). We always like to compare this with buying a bicycle. A bicycle gets you from A to B. However, the price differs significantly whether you choose a standard bike with an aluminum frame or a special bike with a carbon frame and exceptional gears. But we can promise you one thing: you will get a fixed price offer from us, without any hidden costs.

Learn more about the pricing.


What features are available to me?

If you decide to use Combeenation, you can choose from over 30 features. More information about features in an online store configurator can be found here.

How is a configurator structured?

A configurator essentially consists of three components. The visualization (2D or 3D), the user interface and the underlying product logic. At Combeenation, all three areas operate independently of each other. If you want to change the visualization, the user interface or the 3D models after a few years, the complex product logic in the background remains untouched.

How do I get my finished configurator?

You receive a normal URL, under which your personal configurator is accessible. This can be integrated via iFrame on your website, webshop or landing page. 

Which interfaces are possible?

Combeenation enables interfaces to a wide variety of systems and can create extremely flexible connectivity options. Our customers successfully use Magento, Shopware, Shopify...! 

More information about the integration and interfaces can be found here.

Can I continue to use my existing CMS and ERP systems?

Yes, we are happy to connect to existing e-commerce or ERP systems. Let's clarify the technical details during an initial appointment. More information about the integration and interfaces can be found here.


Can I maintain and expand my configurator?

Your Combeenation Configurator is based on a flexible system and can be maintained, adapted or supplemented at any time without affecting ongoing operations. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about installations, licenses, updates or maintenance - this is taken care of by Combeenation.

How do I get 3D models?

Combeenation will be happy to create 3D models for you. Send a request to and you will receive a quote for your product within a few days. Here you can find guideline prices, so you can get an approximate feeling of what a 3D visualization can cost.

I am completely clueless, what now?

Don't worry. If you've never had to deal with configurators before, it's perfectly normal for countless questions to arise. The experts at Combeenation are there to help and advise you. They look forward to hearing from you without obligation. Remember: There are no pointless questions. Contact us now!

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