3D experience and augmented reality with just one click

The creation of a 3D viewer & augmented reality is usually laborious and requires specific know-how. Who has the time and resources for that? Nobody. At Combeenation we offer a 3D viewer that is effortless to integrate. No code or programming knowledge is required for this.

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Why worldwide unique 3D viewer incl. AR?

The topic of 3D viewers and AR can become quite complex for companies and agencies. Often, a 3D viewer and AR must be programmed individually on the basis of frameworks. Not with Combeenation. You just have to upload a 3D model, click on the button "Create 3D Viewer" and with just ONE CLICK you can present your product in 3D and create an Augmented Reality experience - completely free of charge. We are sure: This is the fastest way worldwide.

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What are the advantages of Combeenation's 3D visualization & AR?

can be created with one click
worldwide unique
no code required
free of charge
unlimited number of 3D models
including augmented reality
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Just ONE CLICK to 3D Viewer & AR

It's hard to believe, but using the Combeenation platform you can create a 3D viewer & augmented reality in less than 60 seconds. And the best part is that no custom programming is required. It works entirely without code.

And this is how it works

1. Register at the Combeenation platform

You are ready to go. To start, you need to register on the Combeenation platform for free.

2. Upload 3D model

Once you have access to the Combeenation platform, simply upload the 3D model you want.

3. One click and the 3D viewer incl. AR is ready.

Our customers can't believe it themselves. As soon as the 3D model is uploaded, you are only one click away from the 3D viewer including augmented reality. And that's it. Easy, isn't it?


Why is the 3D viewer incl. AR at Combeenation free of charge?

We are full of enthusiasm and passion when it comes to helping companies offer their customers a unique shopping experience. In today's digital world, it's hard to imagine an online shopping experience without fascinating 3D visuals. Our free offer is a way for us to share our vision and help businesses push the boundaries of online shopping.

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How is the integration into the website or online store done?

There are two common ways to easily include the 3D viewer & AR, depending on individual requirements. One option is to do this via an iframe. Another option is to integrate a plugin or an app that has been specially developed for the common store systems such as Shopware or Shopify, for example.

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Easily upgrade 3D viewer to configurator

At Combeenation, we offer you the flexibility to start with the 3D viewer and augmented reality and then upgrade to a configurator as needed. You retain full control over the timing and scope of the upgrade. Our 3D viewer including AR is free of charge. Only if you want to display your 3D models as a configurator and put it online, monthly service fees will apply. Let's talk about your future plans and explore possibilities together.


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Frequently asked questions

What is a 3D viewer?

With a 3D viewer, it is possible to view products from all angles without having to physically hold them in one's hands. It thus enables a comprehensive examination of the product from all directions - a 360-degree presentation, so to speak. This form of product presentation has a lasting impact on the online shopping of today and tomorrow. 3D viewers are used in websites or online stores.

What distinguishes a 3D viewer from a 3D configurator?

A 3D viewer and a 3D configurator are two different tools with different functions:

  • 3D-Viewer: A 3D viewer allows the user to view and rotate the product from different angles to get a comprehensive idea of it. A 3D viewer usually does not offer the possibility to customize or configure the product.
  • 3D-Konfigurator: A 3D configurator goes beyond the functions of a 3D viewer. It allows the user to customize and configure the product according to his or her individual wishes. With a 3D configurator, different options such as colors, materials, sizes, features, etc. can be selected and visualized. The product can be customized in real time to get a personalized representation of the product.

In summary, a 3D viewer is used to view products from different angles, while a 3D configurator provides the additional ability to customize and personalize products according to individual preferences.

Which 3D models do I need for the Combeenation 3D viewer?

For a 3D viewer you need 3D models that are available in a suitable file format. The main task is often to create the model with the smallest possible number of polygons, without neglecting the necessary details. At the same time, one strives for the most realistic representation possible. To achieve this, the "polycount" metric is used. For more in-depth information, see the blog article "Creating a 3D model: Which data is suitable?".

You do not want to deal with the topic of 3D models? At Combeenation we also offer a 3D service where you don't have to worry about anything. Our team will create the 3D models for you.

What is a 3D viewer used for?

3D viewers are mainly used on websites and in online stores.

  • Websites: 3D viewers are often used on websites to display interactive 3D models of products, buildings, artworks or other objects. This allows visitors to view the models from different angles, rotate and zoom for better understanding and detailed viewing.
  • Online stores: E-commerce platforms use 3D viewers to make product displays more realistic. Customers can view products in 3D to get a better idea of appearance, size and details. This can help them make more informed purchasing decisions and improve the shopping experience.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates virtual elements into the real world to enable enhanced perception and interaction with the environment. Customers can, for example, "project" a 3D model of a sofa into their personal living room and see how it would look there without physically holding the actual piece of furniture in their hands.


When do costs start to accrue?

Combeenation's 3D viewer and AR is free of charge. Our belief is that all companies, agencies and startups should have the opportunity to offer an interactive shopping experience without incurring large financial expenses. For this reason, we have decided to offer our 3D viewer and augmented reality (AR) completely free of charge.

At what point do costs start to accrue? As soon as you want to use the 3D viewer completely without Combeenation branding.

How is the integration into the website or online store done?

Depending on the individual requirements, there are two common methods to integrate the 3D viewer and augmented reality (AR) without any problems. One option is to integrate this into websites via an iframe. Alternatively, a plugin or app specially developed for common store systems such as Shopware or Shopify can be used for integration.


No 3D models available?

Let us take care of 3D models for you. We'll take care of providing you with the right 3D data, at a fixed flat rate. We'll find a straightforward way to create 3D models for you with ease. Make it easy on yourself and let us do the rest!


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