Choose an option that best suits your needs and get started. Already in the free version you have complete access to the platform.

Below you will find the monthly service fee, which guarantees the smooth operation of the configurator (security, backups,...) as well as the costs per minute per configuration performed.

This does not include the initial costs of the configurator creation, these are individual, depending on whether Combeenation, the company itself or a digital agency creates the configurator.

Combeenation pricing

I can not decide!

Finding the right pricing model is not difficult. However, it depends on your specific use case. At Combeenation, we offer various options - whether we create the configurator for you, whether you create it yourself using our configurator platform, or whether you are possibly a digital agency. We are always available for a personal exchange.

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Without license fees

Looking for free 3D viewer?

All right, here too we can be of assistance. With the viewer you can view the model from different perspectives, zoom in and even experience it in augmented reality. Please note that a 3D viewer is not a configurator.

  • free of charge
  • up to 5,000 views per month
  • unlimited number of 3D models
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Frequently asked questions

What does the monthly service fee include?

As soon as a configurator has been published, we charge a monthly service fee that guarantees the smooth operation (security, backups,...) of the configurator. Since the "Free" version does not include the publication of configurators, there are no monthly service fees here either.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of "cost per minute" billing?

With this form of billing, billing is based on the actual configurations performed per minute. This has the advantage that if a newly introduced product or the company itself is not yet very well known and therefore the use of the configurator may be low at the beginning, the costs also remain low. With increasing use of the configurator, the costs also increase, which also pays off with a higher turnover that can be assumed as a result.

The costs also adjust automatically if there are seasonal differences in usage - summer, winter, spring, Christmas. But it can also jump up or down in the event of unexpected national or global economic changes. Costs adjust dynamically. The disadvantage is that you do not have any fixed predictable costs, which, however, settle stable over time.


How is billing done for "cost per minute"?

For each configuration, at least one full minute is charged. After that, billing is per second.


How long do my customers spend in the configurator on average?

In our experience, the average time is 2.5 minutes (+/- 1 minute) for B2C customers and 4.5 minutes (+/- 2 minutes) for B2B customers.

How many accesses should I expect with my configurator?

An indication is the current number of web visitors, for example with Google Analytics. The actual number of visitors:inn will be slightly higher, because visitors:inn who reject the Google Analytics cookie will not be recorded. The number of visits also depends on how prominently the configurator is placed on your website. For example, is it immediately visible on the homepage or do you have to search for it regularly?

Do I pay if customers do not close the configuration?

Don't worry, if no action is taken by the customer after the last interaction in the configurator and the configuration remains open in a browser window, this will not be charged.

For whom is Combeenation suitable?

Young man holding laptop in hand. I would like to create a configurator myself.
Older woman with gray hair holds block in hand. I am an agency and I need a configurator for my customers.
Man in shirt I would like to have a configurator created.
Young Asian woman holding piece of paper in her hand. I need a 3D model.

Rely on award-winning technology.

With over twelve years of experience, we have developed a powerful platform that creates product configurators that help your business to sell customizable products.

Innovationspreis für Massenanpassung 2020

SUPERGRID™ stands for furniture systems in agile working environments. The configurator acts mainly as a planner. With it, the components can be built infinitely in the most diverse directions.

furniture system configurator

In elaborate handwork PI ROPE produces ultra-light wheels with textile spokes. By means of the configurator, even the color of each spoke can be selected individually.

Wheel configurator

Leitl has been the perfect contact for single, double or large-capacity garages for more than 40 years. The configurator enables a significant increase in efficiency in the quotation process.

Garage configurator

Quqon is an Austrian mattress known from the TV show "2 minutes 2 million". The individual mattress can be configured by the customers themselves and easily online according to their personal lying needs. 100% made in Austria.

Mattress configurator

Unique front doors require unique solutions. Pieno front doors offers its customers a wide range of product variations - both in the showroom and online.

Front door configurator

Whether fully automated system or simple machine tool - the SPINNER Group offers the optimal solution for your requirements.

Manufacturing cell configurator

Zinnhannes is a manufactory specializing in the production of unique carnival medals, awards, medals, jewelry, pins and many other products. Each product is made with great care and attention to detail to meet the highest quality standards.

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