Product Configurators: Customer Journey's Digital Heroes

Here's the thing: Our Field Sales Advisor, Lukas Pinter, was really looking forward to his presentation at this year's Internet World Expo in Munich, which in consequence of COVID-19 has been cancelled. 

But in challenging times everyone comes up with creative alternatives. So Lukas decided to simply record his presentation at home so you can still get to know the advantages of implementing a configurator and how it enables you to transform your business model.


Lukas Pinter: Here's Why Product Configurators are Customer Journey's Digital Heroes


You'll learn about how a digital product configurator works, how it can sustainably improve your current business model and how mass customization enables entirely new, differentiated business models throughout various industries, what special customer journey experiences look like and what kind of trends the future holds.

Are you thinking about using a configurator in sales?
We are experiencing confusing times. The current sitaution generates economic pressure for many companies. Perhaps this is a good time to question existing sales processes and to look at them from a new perspective.

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