Custom E-Commerce in Practice
Get a Configurator for your Business

Create a unique shopping experience and give your customers the power to personalize their own products.

Combeenation is a ready-to-use configurator for all business and product groups.
Customization means much more than just selecting color and size. How about an individual packaging design, fashion creation, coffee blend or a distinctive front door?

With Combeenation your customers can configure, personalize and experience countless variations online. With dynamic pricing in real time.

Use Combeenation as a sales configurator and provide increased efficiency to your sales staff in client and reseller meetings.

Combeenation is a perfect support to master variety in a simple and intelligent way. Configure variants of your products with clear and structured offers and even special rates for key customers in real time and get convincing arguments for closing a deal.

The ease of use and real-time 3D visualization combined with dynamic pricing and technical precision makes Combeentation an ideal sales configurator.

Join the next Revolution in E-Commerce

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