Research driven Development

At Combeenation we are proud to work with the best scientific experts in the field of configuration research. Besides being present on all major conferences (MCPC, MCP-CE, CWS etc.) we have our own research unit to test and identify customer interaction behaviour in product configurators.

Study: Creating Product Configurators for Usage on Mobile Devices

This research study investigates mobile optimized product configurators. Since millennials, the first truly digital generation of people born between 1980 and 2000, have a rising online purchasing power and prefer mobile phones to desktop devices this topic is of growing relevance for companies that are dealing with mass customization offerings and are using configurators for their company-customer interaction. 30% of millennials use their mobile phone for shopping, furthermore they are massively interested in personalized and customized products: 4 of 10 millennials are open to co-create products with companies. So it can be assumed that offering customizable products and services optimized for mobile usage is having a strong impact on mobile e-commerce sales.

This Combeenation study takes a closer look at the status quo and the user interface design trends of online product configurators regarding mobile optimization in one highlighted industry.

White Paper: Mass Customization in the USA

The USA remains to be – together with Germany – the biggest market for product configurator supported e-commerce projects. The regular changes in the configuration spaces show that companies in the USA have learned to adapt quickly on changing customer needs.

White Paper: Recommendations for Successful Product Configurator Projects

In accompanying configurator projects we observed frequently recurring challenges. Analyzing these challenges we tried to understand and prioritize the requirements of users and the requirements of companies in customization approaches. With lessons learned we developed five recommendations that highlight crucial success factors in creating sustainable interaction environments.

Study: The Impact of the Arrangement of User Interface Elements on Customer Satisfaction in the Configuration Process

This research study investigates user interfaces of T-Shirt configuratorsConfiguration systems are important drivers for the concept of mass customization. One of the main challenges when conceptualizing, designing and implementing such a configuration system is the creation of an appropriate user interface. The recent literature covers a lot of different findings, which criteria a B2C product configurator should fulfill to offer the customer an optimal customization process.

As the identifed standards vary within the industries, for the following study only the apparel industry, strictly speaking T-shirt configurators, are considered. The empirical aim of the present study, based on user observation, is to find out whether or not the structure of a conifgurator’s user interface has an influence on the customers´ process satisfaction.