Video: Highlights at the MCP-CE 2018

After an adventurous journey to Novi Sad, our founders Klaus and Paul were confronted with a very tight schedule: Keynotes, poster projects and the final panel discussion within the two days of the MCP-CE 2018. Fortunately everything was extremely well organized. On the top the hospitality of the organizers made the conference to an unforgettable event. We heard a lot of inspiring speeches and presentations and had insightful conversations about the customization cosmos. Big thanks to Elias who captured the best moments of the conference in this video.

Product configurators: trends and new technologies
Klaus’s keynote on current Combeenation projects was a highlight for all attendees, academics as well as company representatives. The subsequent panel discussion focused on the fascination of mass customization and digital customer experience. Above all the audience was fascinated about the added value new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence already offer in product customization today. Check out the video to hear some of the most interesting comments.
Great conference! Thanks NOVI SAD!