We Are Mass Customization Innovator of the Year 2020!

13.Oct 2020

We are very grateful for receiving the “Mass Customization Innovator of the Year” award in the course of this year's MCP-CE 2020 conference of the Mass Customization and Personalization Community of Europe.

This award recognizes the uniqueness and quality of the Combeenation configurator technology and underlines the strong innovative strength in the further development of features such as high-end 3D visualization in real time. The jury also sees the intensive examination of changes in user behavior and the active communication of practical knowledge from real configurator projects as exemplary.

As a long-term conference partner, we are proud to be able to support the community, advance research in the field and have key academics on board as sparring partners for the internal  development of our technologies.

Many thanks to the global mass customization community and  to the outstanding researchers who are all working together to advance the development of product configurators, the enabling technologies and related fields such as marketing and customer experience. This makes mass customization more accessible for companies and start-ups to integrate it into their business model and strengthen its further development.

Mass Customization Innovator of the Year 2020 MCP-CE


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