1,250 online configurators from a wide range of industries are listed in the Configurator Database, the world’s largest collection of web-based product configurators. As one of the few sources, the platform provides a meaningful picture of the use of customization tools in western industrialized countries.

Combeenation has been supporting the configurator research project for many years. This commitment gives us access to the latest findings on user behavior and configurator design and provides valuable insights for our own product development. With the latest relaunch, the Configurator Database website got some very useful features allowing easy filtering of different criteria.

We thought it would be useful for all of you to have an overview of online configurators in use by different industries. The below interactive diagram will show you just that. Point on individual industries in the pie chart to see the number of online configurators of this industry or compare the distribution by selecting or deselecting several industries at the bottom of the diagram.

You’ll find more facts, data visualizations and insights related to the world of online configurators and Mass Customization in the Configurator Database Report 2017-2018, which will be published soon. If you do not want to wait that long, here is the latest report.

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