Goodbye 2017 and Welcome 2018!

Combeenation celebrating a wonderful year 2017

The past year has been outstanding for us in many ways:

  • Combeenation won countless prizes and┬ábecame the most awarded Tech Startup in Austria. Independent juries honored Combeenation’s unique product and service strengths and┬árepeatedly voted our solution as best of class.
  • Combeenation had the chance to advise the strategic EU committees, which are thinking about the future of the Austrian economy.
  • Combeenation played a key role in the most important mass customization conference, the MCPC 2017, and got a lot of attention in this professional community.
  • With product visualization in 3D and the integration of AR (Augmented Reality) technology, Combeenation has raised product customization to a new level of detail and customer experience.

And that was just the beginning: in 2018, we’ll set new standards! Stay tuned – we rock the world of customization!

Combeenation loves to win big prizes Combeenation rocks MCPC2017

top left: Combeenation CEO Klaus Pilsl receives the Constantinus Award 2017
top right: Combeenation CVO Paul Blazek and Klaus Pilsl at the State Prize Digital Solutions 2017
below: Paul Blazek receives the EuroCloud Austria Awards 2017
below: Paul Blazek, Klaus Pilsl, Peter Hettich, Lukas Pinter at the MCPC 2017
bottom left: at the MCPC 2017 with Frank Piller and Joe Pine
bottom right: with Combeenation customer Kali Ventresca (Founder Impish Lee)

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