Made-to-measure perfection: configurator for prefabricated garages

Grötz prefabricated garage with white car.


With 13 locations and a team of 650 employees, the family-owned company GRÖTZ is a reliable partner in the fields of construction, environmental technology and building materials. With over 240,000 garages produced, GRÖTZ is one of the leading companies in Germany in the prefabricated garage sector.


Support sales

Grötz previously had a configurator that no longer met modern requirements. This proved to be complicated, incomplete and, above all, lacked the crucial visualization. The main challenges:

  • How can the number of inquiries be increased by converting visitors to the website into potential customers?
  • How can errors in the quotation process be reduced?
Grötz prefabricated garage in 3D.

Configurator for lead generation

Grötz received a configurator that acts as an efficient sales support tool. This tool not only enables the error-free creation of quotations with minimal effort, but also facilitates the conversion of website visitors into potential customers. The configurator leads to an increase in quotation requests. In short: thanks to the configurator, customers can now be acquired faster than ever before.

Screenshot of the Grötz prefabricated garage configurator

Product presentation


The configurator is characterized by an extremely short initial loading time, and sizes can be adjusted immediately with a single click, without delays.

Detailed wall planning

Windows and doors can be positioned anywhere with centimeter precision. The configurator conscientiously keeps an eye on the statics and only allows configurations that can be implemented.

3D Visualization

The configurator impresses with the outstanding quality of the 3D models.

Complex requirements meet simple operation: with the garage configurator, we have an ideal tool for communicating new inquiries in detail and coherently. Be it to the sales department and back to the customer - internal and external processing runs smoothly throughout. The configurator is an ideal sales and marketing tool.
Benny Bertrams ,
Werksleitung Grötz Betonwerk GmbH & Co. KG

The configurator in action

Discover in our video the wide range of configuration options that Grötz prefabricated garages offer you with the configurator.

Secure an advantage over the competition.

Contact our configuration experts today and receive a customized offer.


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