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Time saving

Significantly faster implementation

As a leading manufacturer, Combeenation offers a development platform for this, as you would expect from e-commerce systems. Universally applicable for every product and every industry. What time savings does using this platform bring? You focus exclusively on the development process for the customized configurator. We take care of all other aspects. For example, you benefit from a wide range of checkout options, user interface templates, a user interface builder, versioning & staging system, automated data imports & exports and much more.

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Simple system integration

Data import: We make it possible to integrate data automatically via workflows. This function is designed so generically that you can integrate data into our system regardless of its source. As long as the file format (CSV) is supported and the data can be exported, it doesn't matter which system it comes from

Data export: In addition to the conventional checkout options, we also offer our Flex Checkout. This allows data from the configurator to be processed as required, as the JSON data offers the flexibility to embed the configurator anywhere and exchange data effortlessly.

Connecting the configurator to third-party systems

Let us take care of the rest

Let's take a look at an example that is exemplary for many other use cases: The configurations should be able to be reopened, searched and edited retrospectively. A significant advantage of the Combeenation platform is that you don't have to worry about these things. Instead, you can concentrate fully on setting up your configurator, as the "trappings" are available to you as standard.

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Successful customer examples


Create UI/UX without HTML structure

Our development platform offers you panels, layers, buttons,... etc. that can be placed as you wish and save you a huge amount of time and stress when building the configurator. You do not have to build an HTML structure. Our User Interface Builder does this in the editor. Still want more?

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Intelligent & efficient control system

With the Combeenation rule system, all dependencies are defined in the background. How do we differ from conventional rule systems? The difficulty often lies in loading only the data that is actually needed. If a single option is modified, all previous options are recalculated in conventional systems. This results in a considerable computing load and consequently longer loading times. The Combeenation platform helps you to load or calculate only the data that is currently required.

Combeenation rulebook shown in a graphic.

Our platform offers you a wide range of interfaces.

logos from store systems for the configurator integration

Ready for immediate use: Insert configurator as iframe

The finished configurator is provided as an iframe, which you generate with just one click on our development platform. You do not need to download any software for this. Don't forget: Despite integration via iframe, the data can still be accessed. Cross-site messaging can be used to transfer data to the parent page, which you can then process further. We guarantee a smooth data transfer, regardless of the embedding environment.

Integrate configurator via iframe

JavaScript or TypeScript

At Combeenation, we don't restrict anyone. Our development platform is not a rigid system, but a flexible tool. Our goal is to help you create configurators faster and more efficiently. If a ready-made solution is not enough and you need a customized answer, you still have the option of implementing it using JavaScript or TypeScript.

Making changes to the configurator with JavaScript and TypeScript
Three configurators in one screen including conversion time.

Why Combeenation?

No limits

It doesn't matter how complex the products are or how many dependencies exist - Combeenation knows no limits when it comes to variants and possible combinations.


The development platform can be linked to numerous independent systems (CMS, ERP, store, PIM, etc.).


All product data and logic are stored exclusively on our servers. Unauthorized persons have no access to your sensitive data.

Speed of implementation

Use the development platform to significantly reduce the implementation time for your configurator projects.

3D Support

Do you lack the resources or skills to create 3D models? No problem, we'll take care of it.

Create 3D models
Version history

The version history offers you a high degree of security. You can be sure that you can access previous versions at any time.

Deployment & Hosting

Don't worry about it. We'll take care of everything for you.

Draft vs. live version

We ensure an optimal development and operations lifecycle to guarantee efficient development processes.

Separate data from logic

Of course, you do not have to define all the logic in advance. It is perfectly possible to do this afterwards in the editor.


Everything that converters need

Combeenation already has everything that developers need to implement customized configurators for demanding requirements.

  • Cloud solution - no installation effort
  • Suitable for multiple clients and users
  • Browser compatibility
  • User administration & rights management
  • Dashboard with the most important performance KPIs

  • Test environment & live mode
  • Version history
  • Versioned asset management area
  • 2D view & 3D Babylon JS viewer
  • Hive - own logic language
  • Ready-made templates

  • Several standard checkout options
  • Automated data import
  • Extensible (JavaScript, TypeScript, ...)

The 3 areas of the development platform

Asset Management

You will find all product data, photos, prices and 3D models in a global database, which you can manage at any time. All the data you need to create the configurator is stored here.

You can put together different asset bundles in the Asset Manager. A bundle consists of a variety of resources that can range from simple elements such as images and text to more extensive data sets such as exports of your store products, price lists and product descriptions.


All the data from Asset Management is linked to a logic in the editor. The editor serves as the primary starting point for your configurator construction. It allows you to design the user interface and define the entire product logic. To access product data within the editor, you can link your configurator to one or more asset bundles.

A significant advantage of this approach, which separates the logic from the product data, is that you can use the same asset bundle in multiple configurators without duplicating the data.

Automated data import

The platform enables automated data import of your product data from ERP, e-commerce or PIM systems.

In addition to manual data updates, Combeenation offers a powerful function called "Workflows", which enables regular data updates. A significant advantage of workflows is that they can be scheduled according to a CRON-based scheme. This allows you to set up scheduled tasks that are executed at specific intervals. In this way, the workflow can update the relevant data source in your asset bundle.


Register for free and you're ready to go.

Thanks to the Combeenation platform, you don't have to worry about security updates or new feature developments. We are your software-as-a-service provider. Simply create a free account, have immediate access to the entire development environment for 30 days and you're ready to go.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I really create a configurator free of charge?

Yes, that is possible. Once you have registered on the platfrom free of charge, you can use the platform's entire development environment to create configurators and give free rein to your creativity. No commitment and no need to enter credit card details.

Costs are only incurred after the 30-day test phase. Click hiere for our price overview.

What knowledge do I need to use the platform?

At the moment, technical knowledge is still required. Web or JavaScript developers are able to build configurators with the platform. Our experience shows that it is possible to create simple configurators within a short period of time.

To make it easier to use the platform, we provide developer documentation with detailed explanations. There is also a forum and numerous tutorial videos. We are also happy to offer initial onboarding at any time and are available to answer any questions you may have.

How long do I need to create a configurator?

The time you need to create a configurator depends on various factors, including

  • the complexity of the configurator
  • the functionality
  • the desired features and
  • the experience of the development team.

It is often the functions that are not directly visible that take up a lot of time, such as database connections, detailed dimensions or the creation of PDF data.

A very simple product configurator can be implemented in just a few hours. More extensive configurators require between 60 and 120 hours. And depending on the complexity of the product, such as system furniture, up to 300 hours.

What do I need to know about the 3D models?

In our blog article and video, you can find out all the important details about 3D models for configurators.

Don't want to create them yourself? No problem, we can do it for you. Find our more about creating 3D models.


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