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With Combeenation's powerful development platform, you can design your own configurators. Enjoy functions and possibilities at the highest level. We provide everything you need to create configurators for demanding requirements. Register now for free and get started.

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Reaching your destination quickly

In order to create configurators, it is crucial to have a reliable technological basis. As a leading manufacturer, Combeenation offers a developer platform, as you would expect from e-commerce systems. Universally applicable for every product and every industry. You simply use the existing features and elements that are required for a customized configurator.

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What makes Combeenation different

A solution for demanding requirements

Anyone can use simple configurators with 08/15 requirements. But many providers reach their limits when it comes to more than just changing the color or changing materials. This is where Combeenation comes into play. With us, there are no limits in terms of complexity and variety. Even millions of possible combinations are the norm for us.

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Why Combeenation?

No limits

It doesn't matter how complex the products are or how many dependencies exist - Combeenation knows no limits when it comes to variants and possible combinations.


Use our complete development environment on the platform. You can discover all the functions and features as soon as you register for free.

Maintainable & expandable

Combeenation configurators offer a long-term solution that can be maintained and expanded at any time.

System integration

The developer platform can be linked to numerous systems (CMS, ERP, store, PIM, etc.).

We help with the 3D models

Does your agency lack the resources or expertise to create 3D models? No problem, we'll take care of it.

Create 3D models

Support through video tutorials, developer documentation, forum and personal exchange.


Create UI/UX easily with the help of our editor.

Our developer platform offers you free templates that save you a huge amount of time and programming effort when building the configurator. Still want more? Then you can easily extend it with JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Our control system knows what can be combined.

With the Combeenation rule system, all dependencies are defined in the background. The platform only allows orderable & producible variants to be configured. Regardless of the variety and complexity of your products, we are able to do this comprehensively without reaching our limits, as would be the case with conventional solutions. We promise.

How do we differ from conventional systems? The difference often lies in the fact that when a single option is modified, all previous options are recalculated in conventional systems. This results in a considerable computing load and consequently longer loading times. In contrast, we only recalculate the current selection without running through the previous dimensions again.

Combeenation rulebook shown in a graphic.

Our platform offers you a wide range of interfaces.

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A structured expansion of configurators.

A product portfolio is usually constantly being expanded - which means that configurators are also a living tool. It is therefore particularly important that configurators can be easily expanded and maintained with products, variants, interfaces and functions.

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Everything that devlopers need

Combeenation already has everything that developers need to implement customized configurators for demanding requirements.

  • Cloud solution - no installation effort
  • Suitable for multiple clients and users
  • Browser compatibility
  • User administration & rights management
  • Dashboard with the most important performance KPIs

  • Test environment & live mode
  • Version history
  • Versioned asset management area
  • 2D view & 3D Babylon JS viewer
  • Hive - own logic language
  • Ready-made templates

  • Several standard checkout options
  • Automated data import
  • Extensible (JavaScript, TypeScript, ...)

The 3 areas of the developer platform

Asset Management

You will find all product data, photos, prices and 3D models in a global database, which you can manage at any time. All the data you need to create the configurator is stored here.


All of the data from asset management is linked to a rule system in the editor. This ensures that buyers are only shown those products that can actually be produced and ordered.

Automated data import

The platform enables automated data import of your product data from ERP, e-commerce or PIM systems. Simply create a workflow that updates your data cyclically or at the push of a button.


Register for free and you're ready to go.

Thanks to the Combeenation platform, you don't have to worry about security updates or new feature developments. We are your software-as-a-service provider. Simply create a free account, have immediate access to the entire development environment and you're ready to go.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I really create a configurator free of charge?

Yes, that is possible. Once you have registered for free on the platform, you can use the platform's entire development environment to create configurators and give free rein to your creativity - for as long as you like.

Costs only arise when you use the configurator for commercial purposes, i.e. when you "go live". So you have it in your own hands and don't need to worry. We will inform you transparently and in good time before any fees are incurred. Click here for our price overview.

What knowledge do I need to use the platform?

At the moment, technical knowledge is still required. Web or JavaScript developers are able to build configurators with the platform. Our experience shows that it is possible to create simple configurators within a short period of time.

To make it easier to use the platform, we provide developer documentation with detailed explanations.There is also a forum and numerous tutorial videos. We are also happy to offer initial onboarding at any time and are available to answer any questions you may have.

How long do I need to create a configurator?

The time you need to create a configurator depends on various factors, including

  • the complexity of the configurator
  • the functionality
  • the desired features and
  • the experience of the development team.

It is often the functions that are not directly visible that take up a lot of time, such as database connections, detailed dimensioning or the creation of PDF data.

A very simple product configurator can be realized in just a few hours. More extensive configurators take between 60 and 120 hours. And depending on the complexity of the product, such as system furniture, up to 300 hours.

What do I need to know about the 3D models?

In our blog articel and video you can find out all the important details about 3D models for configurators.

You don't want to create them yourself? No problem, we can do it for you. Find out more about creating 3D models.


Award-winning technology & strong partnerships

Rely on our many years of expertise and our outstanding successes to meet demanding requirements and inspire your customers.

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