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Get ahead of reality.

Hardly any tools are more effective for online sales than a 3D configurator. Why?
Because it creates a shopping experience that drives purchase decisions and shows a real-life preview of personalized products.

Never buy a pig in a poke again.

Strengthen customer purchase decisions and minimize returns. The configurator perfectly presents the product, ensuring buyers can clearly see what they are getting.

present a wide range of products
increase sales & generate inquiries
create a unique shopping experience
Discover all benefits
20 %
higher sales
70 %
of all users expect personalization
50 %
higher conversion rate

Rely on award-winning technology.

With over twelve years of experience, we have developed a powerful platform that creates product configurators that help your business to sell customizable products.

Innovationspreis für Massenanpassung 2020
Since using the Combeenation product configurator, we have been able to generate 25% more inquiries.
Mario Pilsl ,
CEO Pieno GmbH
With the help of Combeenation, we were able to increase our sales in the double-digit range.
Ralph Leitner ,
CEO Dogsworld
Product configurators from Combeenation are not called "The sales boosting configurators" for nothing.
Brad Somberg ,
CEO B+N Industries
Thanks to Combeenation, our customers can configure their individual designer objects. This has led to a significant increase in sales.
Tobias Pfeuffer ,
Head of Design, Konektra
It is crucial that a product configurator sells. This also means that it must be structured in such a way that it generates additional sales.
Maida Turkic ,
Webshop Administration, Vespa
We have already realized 7 configurators with Combeenation and there is no end in sight, because we are extremely satisfied.
Wolfgang Brunmayr ,
CTO Molto Luce
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