Combeenation product configurators can be seamlessly integrated into your existing technologies and software systems. Our customers successfully use Magento, Shopware, and Pimcore, among others! Learn more about the interfaces & integration possibilities.

Connection to your website

Combeenation configurators can be easily integrated into your website via iframe. This does not necessarily require an online store. You determine the output of the configurator and specify whether this should be a parts list, a mail, an offer, or more.

Connection to your ERP system

By integrating with your ERP system, you can significantly simplify your workflow, prevent data synchronization problems and avoid manual processes. Article data, price data, parts lists, availabilities, and technical data can all be synchronized.

Connection to your PIM system

Create consistent processes and simplified data maintenance by connecting to your PIM system. We are happy to synchronize your stored product logics, images, article data, etc.! Let us talk about your interface to Pimcore & Co without any obligation.

Connection to your store system

Of course, our product configurators can be connected to the most common store systems. No matter if you already have an existing online store or if you are in the planning stage. Learn more about the interfaces:

Your store system is not included? No problem, just contact us.

Connections to your own system

Don't worry; even if your own systems are not considered standard, we will find a solution. No matter if it's a CRM, ERP, or PIM system, get in touch for an obligation-free chat. We might already have a suitable solution from past projects, but if not, we guarantee we'll find one.

Frequently asked questions

Is an interface absolutely necessary?

No, an interface is not mandatory. You determine the input and output of the configurator and, therefore, whether an interface is necessary.

How expensive is an interface?

Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in a general way and would be unreliable. The effort depends on the complexity of the requirements and the respective systems. We would be happy to take a look at your interfaces and clarify the details in a personal meeting. One thing in advance: with Combeention you always receive a fixed price offer, without hidden costs.

I would like to start and am without a plan?

That is quite normal; after all, it is not every day that you start with a product configurator. The experts at Combeenation are happy to answer your questions. We are by your side with our know-how and advice.

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What are the benefits of a configurator?

Product configurators create a buying experience, help increase sales, avoid wrong orders and bring your products to life with unique 3D visualizations!


The use of the Combeenation configurator led to a significant increase in sales.

Tobias Pfeuffer
Head of Design, Konektra