Frequently asked questions
about the free developer platform.


I want to start with the platform. What are the first steps?

The first step is to register on the platform. You can then get started right away and test the platform free of charge for 30 days. Don't worry, the test phase is not automatically extended. Register now for free.

What possibilities do I have with the platform?

With the Combeenation platform, companies or digital agencies can quickly and easily create product configurators. No matter if in 2D or 3D. In addition, you have access to a 3D viewer and augmented reality.

The possibilities are very diverse: 
•   Product selection - e.g., selection of a model, product, 
•   Cosmetic changes - e.g., color, material, surface, etc.
•   Variant selection - select, show, and hide variants and options.
•   Size selection - e.g., small, medium, or large
•   System construction - e.g., furniture pieces in a row
•   Personalization - e.g., with individual text, logo, or picture on the product

Combeenation configurators are long-term maintainable and extendable. Here you can see references that have been implemented with the platform.

Do I need to install any software?

No. You  need only an up-to-date browser to develop on the platform and to use the configurator. Both the Combeenation platform and the finished configurator run exclusively in the cloud. No local installation is required.

How is the security of my product data ensured?

Combeenation uses Microsoft Azure Cloud technology. Here, the configurator data is stored in European data centers. Communication with the end device is always encrypted via TLS. 


How do I get access to the platform?

You will get access to the platform through registration. For the registration it is not necessary to deposit a payment method (credit card, etc.). Click here to register

Is there a test account?

Yes, there is a test account. You can test the platform free of charge for 30 days. Simply register without any obligations and off you go. Register now.

Is there any cost for the registration?

There are no costs - not even hidden costs - for registration. The monthly costs for using the platform are only incurred if you decide to continue using it after the 30-day trial period. Don't worry, the trial period is not automatically extended. We will always inform you clearly before any costs are incurred. Register now for free.

Is there a commitment when I register?

There is no commitment when you register. You can use the platform free of charge for 30 days. Don't worry, the test phase is not automatically extended.

Prices & Costs

What does the use of the platform cost?

Registration and use of the platform is free of charge for the first 30 days. The monthly costs for using the platform are only incurred if you decide to continue using it after the 30-day test phase. Don't worry, the test phase is not automatically extended. For more details see "Pricing".

Configurator building

What skills do I need to use the platform?

Currently, it is not possible without technical knowledge. Web or JavaScript developers are capable of building configurators using the platform. For support in this, we recommend consulting our Developer Documentation, our forum, or tutorial videos.

How long does it take to get up to speed?

With the help of a demonstration project created for these purposes, a savvy web or JavaScript developer should be able to get up to speed quickly. Click here for examples with hourly estimates.

How can I define my product rules and dependencies?

We recommend defining all configuration options in an Excel file. A filter used at runtime ensures that only valid configuration options are displayed.

Interfaces, import & export

How can I connect a store system (Shopware, Shopify, etc.) or export data?

We currently offer complete integrations for some store systems. In most cases, you only need to install the corresponding plugin from the shop store and integrate the configurator into your online store. You can find detailed technical instructions in our documentation.

How can I connect an individual ERP/PIM/CRM system (e.g., SAP, Pimcore, or Dynamics) or export data?

For individual solutions, we provide a flexible checkout type, which transfers the data to the integrated website. From there, the data can be received and processed. If you need help with this, we are at your disposal.

How do I import data (prices, product data, etc.) into the platform?

You have the option of uploading data directly via the upload dialog. If the data is dynamic and changes frequently, we also offer an automated data import.

How does an automated data import take place?

This is done via a publicly accessible REST endpoint interface, which should be protected via authentication (e.g., API token). The time for the update can be freely chosen.

Which tabular data formats can be imported?

Currently we recommend CSV, XLS, XLSX.


How is the user interface created?

The Combeenation platform's design editor allows you to design your page areas in an easy and appealing way. This is done through a graphical user interface that provides a selection of controls that allow you to customize the look of your page according to your preferences. But you can also add familiar design components such as accordions or tab panels very easily and then customize them visually. You can choose colors, fonts, and all other features of the individual controls either directly or visually through individual CSS styles.

Does the configurator support different languages and currencies?

Yes. Components allow you to control which values are output or used for calculations. This applies not only to languages and currencies; you can also change colors or fonts, for example.

I'm not a designer—aren't there ready-made templates?

Changing what already exists is easier than starting with a blank sheet. We follow this strategy not only with our configurators but also on the Combeenation platform. That's why we provide you with a template that contains best-practice examples of navigation and usable controls, but also important configurator features such as checkout and internationalization. You can start with this template and then not only adapt it visually but also change and extend it.

How can I implement my UI design ideas? How can I build my UI to reflect the brand and CI?

The Combeenation platform's design editor offers an extensive selection of page areas and controls that you can use to build your desired configurator design. You can design the look of these elements entirely according to your ideas and adapt them directly to your CI in two ways: You can choose properties such as colors, fonts, spacing, or margins directly or use your own individual CSS styles. You can find more information about the styling of the selectable components in the Combeenation platform documentation under Control DOM & CSS classes.

3D models

How to get 3D models?

The easiest way is to use our 3D service, which will create 3D models for you. But there are also many different providers  for the creation of 3D models. Please note that web-ready 3D models are required for use on the website, not high-end models that are often used in architecture or for advertising. Here you will find guide prices to give you an approximate feel for what a 3D visualization may cost.

What are the requirements for a 3D model?

Very important: the 3D models must be suitable for the web: on the one hand, small, low-poly meshes optimized for WebGL so they load quickly over the internet, on the other hand, with details that are important for your product.

Can I use/upload CAD files?

CAD files are a very good basis for creating 3D models. However, CAD files do not have textures (surfaces, materials and colors), which must first be created.


Where can I get support?

Combeenation provides a Developer Documentation, a forum, and video tutorials for all platform users. Depending on the type of account, additional support is available in the form of email assistance or a Personal Account Manager. For more information, please refer to our pricing overview.

Is the platform being further developed?

Yes, the platform is under constant development. You can view the version history. Features requested by the community will be considered according to a rating system.

Where can I give feedback?

Feedback is welcome via the forum or directly to We welcome all feedback. Please note that we do not answer questions on this mail address.


Want to learn more about the technical features?

Our platform offers a wide range of unique functions, features and interfaces from which you can choose individually to perfectly adapt your configurator to your requirements.

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Do you already know our webinars?

We are happy to share our configurator know-how with you and offer a wide range of free webinars on various topics. Take this opportunity to learn more.


Tips for your individual configurator implementation

In our documentation, you will find detailed explanations that will help you with your next project.


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