Lead generation configurator - for your website

Combeenation configurators can be easily and simply integrated into your website via iframe. This flexibility applies regardless of whether you use WordpressTypo3 or another CMS system.


The challenge of lead generation

Leads are potential customers who have shown an interest in your company's products. They form the basis for the sales process and the company's success. Without leads, no inquiries and consequently no sales and turnover.

Traditional methods of lead generation can be time-consuming and costly. Think of the laborious and largely unsuccessful outbound acquisition activities, such as cold calling.

A red lead magnet attracts inquiries.

The solution: The configurator

A configurator helps to reduce the bounce rate, increase the dwell time and also enables valuable customer data to be collected.

The configuration process gives customers the opportunity to formulate their individual needs and requirements more precisely. This results in qualified and standardized requests that already contain relevant information. This makes the sales process considerably easier, as the inquiries are clearer and better structured. Consequently, this leads to an increase in sales efficiency.

A woman operates an office space configurator on a tablet in a hall.

Why is a configurator a lead generator?

Real-time price indication
Collection of customer data
Offer automation
Customer loyalty
Lead Nurturing
Cross- & upselling potential
Higher conversion rate
Case Study


The configurator acts as a lead generator for Bückeburger Raumsysteme. By implementing Combeenation's configurator, a tool was developed that automatically generates inquiries.

Case Study

Automate requests

The configurator enables Lehner Tore to generate price indications in real time. Customers do not have to wait long for a quote. Time is of the essence, especially in the quotation process.

What checkout options do I have for a website?


Once the configuration is complete, a quote is automatically generated and sent to the customer.


Customers have the option of saving their configuration so that they can access it again later.


Once the configuration is complete, a request is sent by e-mail.

Transfer to CRM system

Parts lists, plans, etc. can be generated by transferring them to a CRM system.

Parts lists and drawings

Once the configuration is complete, parts lists and technical drawings can be generated.


Why Combeenation?

  • Maintainable & expandable at any time
  • Complex control system possible (unlimited number of variants)
  • Outstanding visualization
  • User-friendly for intuitive use
  • Top performance
  • We are experts in configurators for demanding requirements
A paper ship overtakes the competition.

What data can be imported and exported?



What data can be imported into the configurator?

  • Product specifications: Features, characteristics and options of a product.
  • Price data: Prices of individual components.
  • Image and media files: Graphics, images or multimedia content.
  • Textual descriptions: Product descriptions, instructions,....
  • Inventory data: Availability of components or products.
  • And much more - we look forward to individual requests.


What data can be exported using the configurator?

  • Configuration results: The user's final choices, including specific products, options and individual settings.
  • Quotation document (PDF)
  • Bill of materials: A detailed list of all selected components and their quantities.
  • Pricing: Costs for the configured products, based on the selected options.
  • Technical drawings & 3D models
  • Order information: Information needed to process orders, such as product numbers and quantities 
  • And much more - we look forward to individual requests.

Frequently asked questions

How can I integrate a configurator into my website?

You will receive a normal URL under which your customized configurator can be accessed. This can be integrated via iFrame on your website or landing page.

Is it possible to transfer the configurator from the website to an online store?

Naturally. Our configurators give you complete flexibility. Regardless of whether you want to use it on a website, in an online store or anywhere else.

Ready to revolutionize your sales with a configurator?

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How a product configurator helps generate more leads

By generating qualified leads, companies can promote their growth and increase their sales.


They understood our requirements right from the start and created a lead generator for us.

Klaus Wunderlich
CEO, Bückeburger