shower configurator

configure premium shower solutions individually


at one glance

  • Customer: PALME - Duschabtrennungen GmbH
  • Products: shower solutions
  • Branch: living
  • Target group: B2C | people who build and renovate their own home and appreciate aesthetics and functionality
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  • display complex product logics simply 
    (e.g. which door can be used for which installation variation)

  • extremely high-quality product presentation, as Palme only offers premium products

  • intuitive usability - after all, customers don't configure a shower every day


solution | customer benefits

  • 3D visualization for extremely high-quality product presentation

  • user-friendliness despite the large number of variations

  • time savings due to time-consuming consultations - the customer already deals with his desired product in advance

Try out the configurator now!

"We often had difficulties in explaining our varied program of shower enclosures to customers in a way they could understand. You don't renovate or build a new bathroom every week, so most people are not experts in such things. That's why we're even more pleased that we've worked with Combeenation to create a tool that's easy to use and allows the user to visualize all possible designs in seconds, such as door type, installation situation, profile color, size, compatible accessories and many many more features."
Maria Penzinger_neu
Maria Penzinger, project manager