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Professional clothing simply individualized
Get out of the gray daily work routine and into the individual world of Reindl. Reindl workwear impresses with its individuality. The large selection of colors, designs and materials can be individually put together and branded by customers using the online configurator.

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Initial situation
Individual and modern professional clothing in high quality

The family business Reindl stands for suitable professional clothing for all industries including care professions, DIY stores and occupational safety. Thanks to state-of-the-art cutting and manufacturing processes, professional clothing can be supplied in all standard men's and women's sizes, and also in special sizes if required. Despite the large variety, the workwear impresses with the highest quality standards and natural, CO2-neutral materials.

Planning customized product designs brings challenges:

  • How can the variety of colors and materials be made as clear as possible to customers?
  • And how can the recording of customer wishes and the creation of products be optimized?
  • How can the closing rate be increased?
Success Stories Reindl
Solution with product configurator
Modernize B2B sales: secure competitive advantages with innovative online store

An online store is already part of the basic equipment at many companies today. Reindl, however, goes one step further and offers an integrated product configurator for the individualization of workwear. Customers can playfully experiment with the tool and learn which combinations are feasible. As a result, the product is put together by the buyers and produced by Reindl entirely according to their ideas.

The longer involvement with the product range increases the probability of actually closing a deal. Thanks to integrated product visualization, customers can better identify with "their" product. In this way, Reindl makes the best possible use of the market effects of individualization.

Impact of implementation
Online request and presentation tool combined in the configurator

The Reko product configurator is used both by B2B customers to create their individual professional clothing, including special requests, and by sales staff to present product lines.

As a sales consultant, the configurator can

  • visualize products live
  • reduce design effort
  • filter product range according to requirements

Users are guided intuitively through the entire customization and consulting process. In this way, customers are brought closer to the solution space of their desired models. This process is optimally supported by immediate visual feedback.

In addition, the system makes it possible to immediately display other models within a collection in individualized form without having to go through the entire process again from the beginning.

About Reindl

For more than 60 years, the company "Reindl" has been fulfilling individual clothing requests for the construction industry, for industry and trade, as well as for the care sector and for professional clothing in the leisure sector. The company has established itself as a reliable partner for professional clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). As a producer and wholesaler, the product range is aimed exclusively at companies and institutions (B2B). It is produced in up to 15 different standard colors from very small quantities, with many products starting at just two pieces. In addition, clothing in special colors is also supplied on request.

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The configurator offers

  • real-time product visualization
  • rilter option at configuration start
  • preset for each product
  • intuitive navigation with product information
  • upload of own logos and motifs possible
  • integration into existing store system
  • inquiry option in configurator including free text addition
  • product overview at check-out
  • easy addition of further products to the configurator
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