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Dogsworld is a familiar name to many people with four-legged friends. The manufacturer ensures safe transport in the car with its individually manufactured, solid dog crates. The 3D configurator makes planning the crates for your own dog not only easy, but an experience. 

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The configurator was combined with the MAGENTO store system.


Sell customized products online

Until now, orders for dog crates were based on measurements and drawings, but those gave little indication of what the crate would actually look like.

  • How can customers get an idea of the final product in advance?
  • How is a simple order via webshop possible despite individual customization?
  • How can incorrect orders - due to the manual drawings - be reduced?
Detailed image of a dog crate in 3D.
The solution

Goodbye to manual drawings and incorrect orders

With the configurator, time-consuming sales talks, elaborate drawings and tiresome customer queries could be replaced. Customers can now put together their own customized dog box for their own car.

Screenshot of dog box configurator

Increased sales through automated order processing

Real time price calculation

The real-time price calculation allows your customers to see the current price immediately. With every change of the configuration, the price is recalculated and displayed immediately.

Production data at the push of a button

If the user sends the order for his or her individual dog box, Dogsworld immediately receives all production data at the push of a button and can start production immediately.

Additional configurator integration for retailers

The configurator can additionally be integrated with retailers and business partners. In the process, the user interface is customized. All functions and product logics in the background remain untouched. 

Smartphone optimized

The user interface of the configurator has been optimized for ideal usability for smartphones.

35 %
increase in product price
incorrect orders
20 %
more customer interaction
With the help of Combeenation, we were able to increase our sales in the double-digit range. The feedback from our customers and partners is excellent and has exceeded our already high expectations.
Ralph Leitner ,
Geschäftsführer , Dogsworld

The configurator in action

Discover the numerous configuration options for dog crates in our video - clearly presented and comprehensibly visualized for a particularly user-friendly experience.

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