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Florians Hütten is a brand of Chiemgauer Holzhaus, a manufacturer of high-quality log and solid wood houses based in Bavaria. Their high-quality huts serve as leisure houses, sauna, workshops or storage. Outside of the usual home improvement store catalog products, the garden houses are supplied as a kit, directly from the manufactu

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The configurator was combined with the WOOCOMMERCE store system.


Precise planning for individual building solutions

Size, materials, roof shape, floor plan and much more can be individually designed at Florian's huts. This makes planning a challenge.

  • How can customers get a picture of the end product before delivery?
  • How can the planning of personalized garden houses be made easily accessible to users without experience?
  • How can dimensions and necessary parameters, such as different dimensions, floor plans, shapes and appearance, be easily recorded?
Detailed image of a garden shed in 3D.
The solution

Online design tool

The configurator is used by end customers to plan their personal garden house. This makes the compilation of all essential components much easier. After receiving the configuration from the online configurator of Florians Hütten, the production of a so-called factory planning or execution planning of the garden houses takes place.

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Maximum user friendliness

Visualize garden hut in 2D and 3D

The product configurator scores with different view modes in 2D and 3D as well as with and without roof. 

Present background information clearly

Thanks to an integrated tutorial, questions about the application are answered directly in the product configurator. This means that no previous experience is necessary. The configurator also explains more detailed information about specific parameters. Under the heading "Detailed information", users can select the area for which they have questions and search for the appropriate answer.

Preconfigured products (presets)

The selection between four different presets facilitates the configuration start. Users can choose between the themes tool shed, vacation at home, summer house modern and garden lounge. The configuration can also be started from scratch without a preset.

50 %
time saving in quotation calculation
doubling of sales in the garden shed segment
We are very satisfied with the development of our brand "Florians Hütten". The configurator allows our customers to largely plan their own design and costs
Florian Siemer ,
Florians Hütten

The configurator in action

Experience the versatility of the garden shed configurator. You can design your own personal garden shed according to your wishes in no time at all. Easily determine the size, shape, elements and many other details.

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