Motorcycle configurator for the cult scooter Vespa

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green Vespa with yellow stripe in front of petrol pump


Summer, sun, freedom: The Italian Vespa is a cult object that stands for an unmistakable attitude to life. The popular two-wheeler belongs to Italy like pizza and pasta. Over 18 million models have been delivered all over the world. Some of them have already been designed with the 3D configurator. 

Shopware logo in black.

The configurator was combined with the SHOPWARE store system.

The challenge

Product presentation by means of pictures is no longer enough

The previous product presentation was too static, too little to experience and not enough to promote sales:

  • How can I transport the unique feeling of life into the online store?
  • How can additional sales of equipment be generated through cross-selling?
  • How is a realistic product presentation possible?
The solution

Unique 3D display for interactive shopping experience

The aim was to present the Vespa in such a way using stunning 3D realization that customers would feel transported to St. Mark's Square in Venice and would like to take it for a test drive right away.

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Shopping experience through unique product presentation

Changing backgrounds

Users can place their Vespa in front of different backgrounds.  For example, on St. Mark's Square or in a landscape. It is also possible to upload a personal background image.

Day/Night mode

The Vespa is illustrated in a night scene at the touch of a button. Color of the motorcycle, shadows, lighting, etc. adjust immediately.

Realistic 3D visualization

The product is illustrated so perfectly by means of 3D animation that it almost corresponds to reality. The user hardly recognizes any difference to a product photography. 

10 %
more revenue
6 x
more orders
30 %
more conversions
It is not enough for a configurator to only deliver beautiful product images. The decisive factor is that it sells. This also means that it must be structured in such a way that it generates additional sales. That's why we chose Combeenation.
Maida Turkic ,
Webshop Administration , Vespa

The configurator in action

First-class visualization, changing backgrounds and perfect staging of the Vespa are real eye-catchers. The clear user interface makes the configuration process fun. See for yourself.

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