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The Jungheinrich PROFISHOP is the mail-order company of Jungheinrich AG, one of the leading international suppliers in the fields of industrial trucks, warehousing and material flow technology. With more than 100,000 articles from seven themed worlds, the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP covers the entire range of business equipment needs, including customized shelving. The configurator visualizes the personalized racking as a 3D model and without long loading times.

The challenge

Present technical products in an understandable and intuitive way

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP shelves can be individually planned to measure, which poses challenges for production and sales:

  • How can I give customers the opportunity to plan their shelf individually - without sales staff?
  • How can misconfigurations be prevented despite the large number of possible combinations?
  • How can online customers get to know the product and its many features as easily as possible?
The solution

Individual design completely without sales staff

The shelf configurator guides users through the extensive product range and prevents errors when putting together individual shelf systems. The visual presentation is fun to interact with and offers users a maximum service thanks to the seamless integration into the webshop.

Screenshot from shelf configurator

Time savings due to reduced consulting sessions

Integrated set of rules prevents misconfigurations

Every Combeenation configurator consists of an elaborate set of rules in the background, in other words, the product logic. This way, the configurator knows exactly which product components can be combined with each other. This prevents incorrect configurations, because only shelves that can be ordered can be configured.

Free input of dimensions possible

The superlative of configurators is undoubtedly the free input of dimensions such as length, width and height. The great thing about it: the shelf changes its shape in real time.

Direct interface to the store system

After the users have created their personal shelf, the configured data is transferred to the Jungheinrich store system and nothing more gets in the way of completing the purchase. 

By using Combeenation, customers can quickly and independently create their preferred shelf configuration.
Daniel Weiß ,
Product Owner Webshop

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