System shelf configurator for award winning furniture

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B+N Industries designs and manufactures innovative and intelligent system furniture that is functional and creates a beautiful ambience. Customers such as McDonalds or Bank of America trust in the solutions of the Californian company. For B+N Industries, it is already the second configurator from Combeenation.


Increased consulting effort

In previous projects, customers were always dependent on consultants and designers. This required a lot of time and consulting effort.

  • How can waiting times for inquiries be reduced?
  • How can the ordering process be simplified?
  • How can the sales staff be relieved?
  • How can the selection options be presented in a simple way?
BN shelf in 3D

Relief of the sales staff

Offer generation at the push of a button

The high manual effort of quotation generation is minimized and simplified, because a quotation is generated in seconds at the push of a button.

Save & send configurations

The configuration is saved and can be further configured at a later time. The customer's e-mail address can be used by B+N Industries for marketing or sales activities.

Automatic creation of bills of materials

Once the customers have finished configuring their products, a bill of materials is generated for B+N Industries with all the necessary data for production. 

3D data export

The 3D data export is very straightforward as soon as a configuration has been completed. The 3D data is reused by architects in their 3D programs, which in turn saves a lot of time.

30 %
more requests
50 %
acceleration in the quotation process
18 %
increase in profit/loss ratio
Configurators from Combeenation are not called "The sales boosting configurators" for no reason. They deliver what they promise: more customer inquiries.
Brad Somberg ,
CEO , B+N Industries

The configurator in action

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to customize shopfitting elements according to their individual ideas and thus create tailor-made, stylish system furniture.

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