Configurator Platform

Why Combeenation?

Symbiosis between Visualization and Product Intelligence
Smart Visual Confi­gu­ra­tors

In addition to the visualization, the mapping of the product logic - and the associated set of rules - represents the second major challenge when implementing a configurator.
Combeenation connects CPQ and 3D - smart and visual.

Configurator Platform for Customizable Products
Interactive Visualization in Real-time

Whether in 2D or 3D - the visualization of your products on the Combeenation platform is the next step in the digitization of your sales.
The interactive experience of the product raises the product experience to a new level.

0% installations. 100% cloud.
Cloud-based Configurator Platform

Efficient project implementation on the platform through our own development environment for product configurators.
Management, expansion and control of all adjusting screws of the configurator in the Combeenation backend.

Gründe die für den Einsatz der Combeenation Plattform in Ihrem Unternehmen sprechen

Why Combee­na­tion?


  • Over 10 years of experience in successful configurator projects
  • Reduction of the order error rate towards 0
  • Digitalization of sales in the cloud
  • For every product and every industry
  • Reduction of distribution costs
  • Crisis-proof distribution channel
  • Sales - online, automated and customizable

Sales Manager & CMO

  • Limitless scaling of sales
  • Complexity can be mapped easily
  • Increase in sales qualified leads
  • Higher sales through increased conversion rate
  • Online sales of advice-intensive products
  • Consistent quality of advice around the world 24/7
  • Interactive 3D visualization in real time


  • Automation: Can be integrated into existing systems and processes
  • Flexible changeability / maintainability / expandability
  • Highly available system
Sie Fragen sich, wie die Zusammenarbeit mit uns aussieht und wie wir arbeiten?
These are our common steps to success

The aim of our Combeenation Concept is to work with you to develop the basic framework on which your configurator project can stand and grow. A visual concept gives you a first impression of the functionality and range of functions of your desired configurator.

The design of this concept is done together with you so that in the end result the maximum customer acceptance and, thus, the best sales performance of the configurator can be guaranteed

 To the Combeenation Process

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Experience the product features of our Combeenation platform.
Combeenation Features

Get an overview of the extensive features of our Combeenation Configurator platform.

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The largest global software evaluation platform
Top Combeenation Customer Reviews on Capterra

Reviews are an integral part of almost every buying process. Especially with software. A survey by Gartner Inc. shows that two thirds of software purchase decisions are significantly influenced by ratings. Especially from online reviews. Reviews create transparency and trust and provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of software. This is also confirmed by the survey. There, 85 percent of those surveyed state that they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations

One of the best-known and leading evaluation and comparison portals for software is Capterra. Here interested parties can compare software based on reviews of validated users in order to find the right software for their company. Of course we are also represented there with our Combeenation platform.

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