You need an online solution
for your customization project?

You offer customizable products or services and want to sell them online?
You need a sales configurator to recommend the best possible solution – for your customers and for you?
You want to achieve the goal of greater customization to make your products compatible with
Mass Customization and Smart Factory?

Be part of the next revolution in E-commerce.
Product customization has never been that easy.

Combeenation is a cloud-based product configurator management system based on Microsoft Azure. The out-of-the-box Software as a Service (SaaS) requires no software installation. We at Combeenation maintain the software for you ensuring that it is reliable and secure.

Maximal flexibility

Combeenation is a powerful customization engine. Whether you are in B2C or B2B: If your focus is on customers specific needs, Combeenation will be the perfect tool. No matter for what customization purposes: Use your configurator as a webshop extension, for guided selling or as a marketing tool in online campaigns.

Full autonomy

Manage and adapt product data independently in the backend of your configurator. Benefit from unlimited variations and customization options. You have full control over prices, colors, textures, discount offers and a lot of other specifications that you define. Access Combeenation whenever you need to through your web browser.

Increase your sales with Custom E-Commerce.
Our customers believe in personalization and customization as a core value how to do business.



You want a flexible software architecture with unlimited customization options ?
Without the need to install any additional software? With a secure access from your web browser?
This is exactly what makes Combeenation so successful. And much more!

Custom E-Commerce in practice

These industries are already using a Combeenation configurator as a webshop extension or as guided selling tool: construction suppliers, toys and beverage companies, IT vendors, food and clothing suppliers.

Well known from ...

Combeenation is a driving force when it comes to the implementation of customization strategies.
Many thanks for the active coverage in print, web and TV.


Our customers love it

The Combeenation business community is growing day by day. Be a part of it!

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