Co-Creation made easy! Industry 4.0 begins with us!

Klaus Pilsl, CEO Combeenation on the benefits of co-creation for customers and producers.


Industry 4.0 is the smart factory integrating all machines and all players from the customer to the factory including the whole supply chain and the delivery to the customer!

With all the new technological possibilities in manufacturing Industry 4.0 will make possible new forms and levels of customization and personalisation. Customer input to design will enable companies to increasingly produce customized products with shorter cycle-times and lower costs.

At the beginning there is the customer

This means everything starts with the consumer! He declares HIS wish for a specific product made individually just for him. He is the one who feeds the whole system. But how does he do that?

He needs a powerful but easy to use configuration tool, that allows him to precisely declare his wish. A system that lets him modify the product inside the solution space – the product possibilities – with instant feedback, like realtime product visualisation, price, colours, performance data, feature compatibilities etc. A system that shows him exactly what he will get!

The power of Co-Creation

Combeenation is exactly that. The consumer starts the journey by creating HIS product safely and comfortably using his browser. He can order directly and the smart factory is doing the rest – individually and more and more automated.

It’s not a question if Industry 4.0 will come or not. It’s here already! And the advantages will make the participating players to leaders and winners! In this new setup the producer and the customer will share the new value created.