Pimcore Combeenation TechnologyPartner

Combeenation meets Pimcore - technology partnership on an equal footing

04.Mar 2021

Two successful companies from Austria work closely together - in a mutual technology partnership, Pimcore and Combeenation have been expanding each other's technology ecosystem since February 2021.


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The digitalization of products and product data is THE crucial success factor if you want to successfully shape the transformation towards the digitalization of sales. PIM forms the central basis for this. Manufacturers and retailers can go one step further with a product configurator. This puts the design of the product in the hands of the customer. The focus is on the customer's requirements and individuality. This is exactly where the partnership between Combeenation and Pimcore comes in.

What does the Pimcore technology partnership mean for Combeenation?


Pimcore Combeenation TechnologyPartner

As a Pimcore technology partner, Combeenation has access to the entire Pimcore ecosystem, consisting of current and future business customers, digital agencies and software developers. As a result, the presence and visibility in the Pimcore universe is expanded, strengthened and expanded, with the aim of connecting us directly with our customers.
In short - the goal of this strategic partnership is the simplified creation of digital worlds, through trust in common standards, proven relationships and common expertise.

How does Pimcore benefit from this partnership? 

Combeenation is a new Pimcore technology partner for product configuration, customization and personalization and thus expands the range of Pimcore solutions.

The greatest advantage of configurators is the high-quality, realistic real-time visualization of the individual product. We speak of “closing the imagination gap”, so the user can imagine very exactly how the product will look / function, which means a huge improvement in the customer experience. Furthermore, a product configurator, acting as a “digital consultant”, enables you to increase sales by making it easier to get to know all the options. And we see a significant reduction in costs with our customers by avoiding incorrect orders and sales costs in general.

With its solid API-first architecture and flexible data models, Pimcore offers the possibility of managing complex, configurable product data and making it available to product configuration systems in a structured form via GraphQL interfaces.

The common vision: Support agencies, service providers and partners in finding optimal, tailor-made solutions for their individualization problem - ideally using the Pimcore platform and the Combeenation platform as a "Configurator Management System"

What a product configurator is exactly, who needs one and, above all, WHY - you can find out all of this here

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