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how to manage a product with 5 million variants

Case Study
Individual lighting solutions
As a specialist for individual lighting solutions, Molto Luce has the perfect solution for every requirement. But how do you sell products that are available in several million versions? And what is the fastest way for buyers to find their individual variant? The solution: a product configurator with real-time 3D visualization.

to the configurator
MOVA Variante für den Produktkonfigurator
Initial situation
When flexibility becomes a challenge

Variant diversity offers advantages for all parties involved. For the supplier, because he has a suitable solution ready for even the most unusual customer request.
And for buyers, because they can be sure that there are product versions that are precisely customized to their individual requirements. And that is exactly what the MOVA luminaire system is all about. MOVA stands for "more Variations", and the luminaire family is manufactured by Molto Luce, a supplier of high-quality, design-oriented lighting solutions.

The enormous variety of variants is a challenge for production and sales:

  • How are five million variants of a product efficiently created in the ERP system? 
  • And how can this unimaginable variety of possible combinations of light colors, reflectors, surface colors, color combinations, adapters and other accessories be presented to customers without causing confusion? 
  • How do you avoid mistakes when listing the individual components?
Mit dem Leuchtenkonfigurator von Combeenation wird die Mova individuell zusammengebaut
Produktkonfigrator, CPQ, Gudied Selling
Solution with product configurator
All-in-one: 3D product configurator, guided selling tool, CPQ solution

With a product configurator - this became clear to Molto Luce very quickly - even variant heavyweights like the MOVA family can be sold in a web store without any problems. But is there also a solution for creating the article numbers? And what about the appealing visualization? After all, MOVA was awarded the German Design Award 2020.

The expandability of the Combeenation Configurator Management System in combination with outstanding 3D product visualization convinced Molto Luce. The decisive factor compared to other providers was the uncomplicated product data maintenance in the backend and the problem-free connection to the ERP system.

Configurator insights

Impact of the implementation
Significant reduction in process costs, returns and complaints

The MOVA product configurator is used by Molto Luce in the B2B store and as a Guided Selling Tool or sales support tool for the sales staff and partners.

As a new customer touchpoint the configurator can

  • present and explain information on customization options
  • visualize selected product combinations live in 3D
  • provide product data sheets from the ERP system

Individualizing and ordering the right MOVA is now possible for anyone at any time - without leafing through the catalog and without making mistakes when putting together the components. The only prerequisite: Internet access.

"An uncomplicated cooperation in the project with a competent partner. With the new MOVA configurator, our customers can easily and flexibly create their individual light design object."

Wolfgang Brunmayr CTO Molto Luce
Wolfgang Brunnmayr, CTO Molto Luce
Molto Luce MOVA Konfigurator
Automated distribution with lot size 1 does not have to be a expensive Industrie 4.0 solution

With consistent IT processes and the convenient user guidance of the configurator, Molto Luce offers an optimized customer journey. In this way, the specialist for exclusive luminaires enables its customers to assemble high-quality products individually, quickly and without errors.

The automation of the entire process chain saves resources, reduces time, costs and personnel requirements at Molto Luce and all sales partners. 

Based on the MOVA configurator, another configurator was implemented for the wall luminaire BINA.

About Molto Luce

For more than 35 years, light has been the focus of Molto Luce. The company has established itself internationally as a provider of high-quality, design-oriented lighting solutions and professional lighting planning. Years of experience in the field of sophisticated lighting are continuously incorporated into the development of new products and guarantee market-oriented solutions with a focus on optimal functionality. Light with all its facets, product design in its most beautiful form, combined with outstanding performance values - the result is a total package of aesthetics, performance and benefits.

to the MOVA product configurator

This is what the configurator offers:

  • online access for Molto Luce sales staff and retailers
  • quick configuration of individual MOVA spotlights 
  • transfer of data from the ERP system
  • integrated set of rules prevents misconfigurations
  • intuitive operation with 3D visualization in real time 
  • generation of article numbers in the ERP system
  • product data maintenance in the backend of the Combeenation Configurator Management System without external support
  • uncomplicated internationalization through multilingualism
Die Mova Leucht kann online mit einem CPQ Konfigurator individuell zusammengebaut werden

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