Lamp configurator with over 5 million variations

Loft with beige couch, large windows and ceiling lights


For more than 35 years, light and lighting have been the focus of Molto Luce. The 3D configurator puts the multifaceted, perfectly shaped products in the right light. The configurator as a high-quality sales tool also represents the claim of the internationally successful specialist of high-quality luminaires.


When flexibility becomes a challenge

The enormous variety of lamps, pendants, ceiling lights, wall lights,... poses challenges for production and distribution:

  • How are five million variations efficiently created in the ERP system?
  • How can this variety of combinations be easily presented to customers?
  • How do you avoid errors when cataloging the individual components?
Detail picture of a Molto Luce lamp.
The solution

A product configurator as an all-rounder

With a product configurator, the millions of variations can be easily sold in a web store. The uncomplicated product data maintenance in the backend and the problem-free connection to the ERP system convinced Molto Luce and helps the company to have the products individually designed by customers.

Screenshot of lamps configurator

Significant reduction in process costs and returns

Data transfer from the ERP system

Molto Luce has a very sophisticated article number system. If the user changes the housing color from white to black, the 16-digit number also changes. This number is the basis for communication with the ERP system. 

Easy maintainability

Combeenation always tries to map as much logic as possible in the backend, so that the customers (due to their programming experience) can make small changes themselves. Furthermore, many characteristics of the 3D models are stored in the backend, so that Molto Luce can, for example, fine-tune color codes itself.

Integrated set of rules prevents misconfigurations

Every Combeenation configurator consists of an elaborate set of rules in the background, the so-called product logic. This means that the configurator knows - even with millions of possible combinations - which product components can be combined with each other. This prevents incorrect configurations, because only products that can be ordered can be configured.

30 %
more turnover
100 %
reduction in photography and rendering costs
30 %
more inquiries
We have already realized 7 (!) configurators with Combeenation and there is no end in sight, because we are extremely satisfied.
Wolfgang Brunmayr ,
CTO , Molto Luce

The configurator in action

We have already had the pleasure of realizing several configurators for Molto Luce. All of them are characterized by millions of possible combinations. No problem - everything is presented in an extremely user-friendly and clear way.

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