Combeenation Backend

New Combeenation Backend Look

12.Apr 2021

Have you had a look at our new backend lately? The same functionality but a new look - the reason is a general overhaul of the user interface. Our new design is kept simple and now allows a lightning fast overview of all available functionalities. But why do we dare to take such a step and will it also result in further advantages?
Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our users, i.e. the creators of the configurator, to find their way around in their development environment. That's why many design elements have been refreshed and standardized.

Intuitive interface for efficient use

Combeenation Backend

Additionally, to technical innovations and current standards in the backend, an appealing and contemporary look is also required. But not only the appearance of the UI was modernized, all elements were examined at the same time and subjected to a usability test.

With this external analysis we gained some new ideas for our backend re-design. Above all, internal feedback was also collected and incorporated. The aim of such considerations and analyzes is to provide an intuitive interface that is easy and quick to use.

The intuitively tailored and improved design enables a more efficient use of our platform. New users can find their way around the backend more quickly. Another advantage of re-skinning - faster familiarization with the configurator itself.

Combeenation Backend

Increase productiviy

Especially for frequently occurring or recurring tasks, a user experience focused on the user can make all the difference. Instead of different-looking interfaces with many functionalities, our new look focuses on the most frequently used tasks, which specifically lead to the user's focus. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity.

Combeenation Backend

Cost savings through logically packaged design

As shown above, there are many reasons for improving the user experience and the new design. These are not just limited to increasing satisfaction. Another advantages are directly measurable cost savings when building a configurator. Less time for tool training means faster implementation of the planned configurator project.


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