New Combeenation Study: Creating Product Configurators for Mobile Devices

At Combeenation we have our own research unit to test and identify customer interaction behavior with product configurators. Our newest research study investigates a topic of growing importance: Do companies that offer product configurators to engage with and sell their products online need to take into consideration specific usage demands of customers with mobile devices.

Since millennials, the first truly digital generation of people born between 1980 and 2000, have a rising online purchasing power and prefer mobile phones to desktop devices this topic is of growing relevance for companies that are dealing with mass customization offerings and are using configurators for their company-customer interaction. 30% of millennials use their mobile phone for shopping, furthermore they are massively interested in personalized and customized products: 4 of 10 millennials are open to co-create products with companies. So it can be assumed that offering customizable products and services optimized for mobile usage is having a strong impact on mobile e-commerce sales.

This study takes a closer look at the status quo and the user interface design trends of online product configurators regarding mobile optimization in one highlighted industry.

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