Molto Luce 3D Product Configurator. How to Handle 5 Million Variations

04.Nov 2019
Molto Luce Konfigurator
Molto Luce's brand new MOVA Configurator


It is hard to believe that there are products that can be assembled in several million different variations. Basically, variant diversity offers advantages for all parties involved: for the seller, because they have a suitable solution for even the most unusual customer requirements. And for the buyer, because they are dealing with a product that is likely to be available in a combination which exactly fits their needs .


When flexibility becomes difficult

In planning, sales and production, variant diversity proves to be quite the challenge. This is also the case with Molto Luce, a design-oriented expert in lighting solutions focusing on high-quality.

Among other things, the company produces the MOVA luminaire family. MOVA stands for "More Variations" and can be produced in about five million variations. And this is where the complexity begins: Who wants to create five million different variants of the same product in the ERP system? And how can this unimaginable large variety of possible combinations of light, colors, reflectors, surface colors, color combinations, adapters and other accessories be presented to the customer without provoking pure desperation? In addition, associated with this complexity there is the high probability that errors occur during a sales talk when individual components are selected but do not fit together in this configuration?


Less is not always more 

Our founder and CEO Klaus Pilsl noticed early on that web shops have a deficit: only static products can be sold. As soon as individualization options or several product variants come into play, it quickly becomes unmanageable. Today -  10 years later - we have become one of the leading providers of cloud-based product configurators and have developed one of the most powerful configurator management systems. And with such product configurators - as Molto Luce realized very quickly - even variant heavyweights like the MOVA family can easily be sold in a web shop.


Wolfgang Brunmayr CTO Molto Luce

„An uncomplicated project collaboration with a competent partner. With the new MOVA Configurator, our customers can easily and flexibly configure their individual lighting design object.“

Wolfgang Brunnmayr, CTO Molto Luce



Product configurator = CPQ solution = Guided selling tool

The scalability of our configurator management system in combination with the outstanding 3D product visualization has convinced during initial discussions. Crucial was the unproblematic product data maintenance in the cloud backend in comparison to to other providers solutions. Today, the MOVA product configurator is used as a CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) in the B2B web shop and as a guided selling tool for sales employees and partners.


Production automation does not have to be a complex industry 4.0 workflow

Our very simple trick to circumvent the entry of 5 million product variants in the ERP system: Only the readily configured product is assigned a SKU number. This number is then sent  to the ERP system, together with the order and order data. The future plan is  the of data transfer directly to the production and thus the automation of the entire process.

A follow-up project has already been commissioned. Molto Luce's ceiling light BADO is to be the next family to have have its own configurator.

Click here for the configurator:  Molto Luce MOVA