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Case Study
Order customized storage systems online
For more than a decade, the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP has been one of the leading suppliers in the fields of material handling, warehousing and material logistics technology. The online store includes over 100,000 items, which also include customized solutions. The company offers customizable shelving systems - with the support of a Combeenation product configurator including real-time 3D visualization.

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Initial situation
Adapting a product to different circumstances

In a workshop or warehouse, systematic storage space is a necessity for effective and safe work. Jungheinrich AG was quick to recognize this requirement and offers customizable shelving systems. The shelves can be specially adapted to the needs and ideas of the customer.

Individual product requirements go hand in hand with a wide variety of challenges:

  • How can misconfigurations be prevented despite the large number of possible combinations?
  • And how can customers be brought closer to the product with its numerous features as simply as possible?
  • How can product images be used effectively and flexibly for the decision-making process?
Solution with product configurator
Storage space, loads, assembly and appearance - one tool for all requirements

A product configurator from Combeenation immediately displays all selected parameters as a 3D model. This makes it possible to test a wide range of variations quickly and easily and so select the right combination. The configuration itself is so intuitive that no additional support is required. Since only feasible parameters are displayed, users can't make any mistakes and playfully acquire additional product knowledge.

Thanks to the individual design options and 3D visualization, customers can quickly identify with "their" product. In addition to the product image, the price of the selected configuration is also displayed at all times. This not only gives users a visual idea of the product, but also helps them determine the price.

Impact of the implementation
Efficient planning with reduced consulting effort

The Jungheinrich PROFISHOP shelving configurator is used as a sales but also marketing tool. The individual planning of shelves was not possible in the webshop before.

As a new highlight of the PROFISHOP website, the configurator can

  • easily capture all necessary parameters
  • display created combinations live in 3D
  • implement changes in existing configurations without having to start from scratch

The numerous input parameters are recorded step by step by the configurator. This allows customers to select their shelf type and adapt it to their requirements.

Since this is a freeflow configurator, there are no predefined configuration paths to follow. Nevertheless, thanks to the closed solution space, users can be sure at all times that their combination is feasible.

"The shelving configurator guides the user through our extensive range and prevents mistakes when putting together individual shelving systems. The visual representation is fun to interact with and offers our users a great ordering experience thanks to the seamless integration into the webshop. The collaboration in the project was pleasant and collegial. We can recommend Combeenation as a competent partner."

Kai Steffensen, Teamlead Webshop Management

About Jungheinrich 

Jungheinrich AG is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of forklift trucks, warehousing and material handling technology and employs more than 18,000 people. Since its foundation in 1946, numerous innovative concepts have been implemented, including new lift trucks under the Ameise® brand. Today, Jungheinrich AG offers comprehensive solutions for logistics tasks - from the complete equipment of large warehouse complexes to customized information systems for forklift management. The comprehensive product range is complemented by a worldwide network of proprietary sales and service companies. Jungheinrich is represented in 31 countries in and outside Europe, such as China, Russia and the USA.

Highlights Combeenation customer solution

  • interactive 3D model for product visualization
  • user-friendly selection and editing of the shelf type
  • easy addition and deletion of add-on fields
  • automatic adjustment of selection options based on previously selected parameters
  • immediately visible price calculation from sum of individual parts minus discount scale
  • creation of a product summary for the shopping cart
  • onepager without scrolling, simple and responsive design
  • output interface to the Novomind I-Shop
  • integrated as iFrame into the Jungheinrich online store
  • easy extension of the configurator with additional parameters (e.g. additional colors, products, etc.)

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