Virtual Conference Trends in E-Commerce und Marketing 2021

11.Dec 2020

We were part of the virtual conference 'Trends in E-Commerce and Marketing 2021' of the iBusiness Webinar Series

Under the title "My product - Not yours!" Who is afraid of customer requests? "Showed Combeenation CEO Klaus Pilsl at the 36th virtual conference trends in e-commerce and marketing 2021, what you have to pay attention to when using a configurator and why these will continue to gain in importance (also due to Corona) .

Giving customers the opportunity to individualize and personalize their products has many advantages. According to the KPMG Consumer Barometer, 70 percent of the products sold online will contain a customer-specific component in five years' time. However: three out of four started product configurator projects fail according to the Walcher / Werger study 'classification of failure reasons'.

But what must be considered when implementing configurator projects? Using practical examples, Klaus Pilsl shows:

  • When does the use of a configurator really make sense for a company?
  • What difficulties there can be with the implementation
  • Which factors decide that a configurator is a success?
  • How an agency can retain customer companies through a portfolio expansion