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Visualize, impress, convince: Bring your products to life and present them using an impressive 3D viewer. Without any code or programming knowledge.


We make 3D accessible for everyone

Discover the future of visualization using 3D viewers. Why? Because it creates a shopping experience that promotes the purchase decision and shows a true-to-life preview of your products.

Products you can touch

Never buy a pig in a poke again with the 360-degree perspective: Your customers can rotate, zoom and view the object from all angles.

Increase sales & generate inquiries
Reduce returns
Creating a shopping experience

Present products easily in 3D.

The topic of 3D viewers can become quite complex for companies and agencies. Often, a 3D viewer has to be individually programmed at great expense on the basis of frameworks. Not with Combeenation. All you have to do is upload a 3D model, click on the "Create 3D viewer" button and you can present your product in 3D with just ONE CLICK - completely free of charge.

A woman is using a tablet to operate an outdoor kitchen configurator.

Just ONE CLICK to your 3D viewer

Watch the tutorial now and create your 3D viewer with just a few clicks - we even claim you can do it in less than 60 seconds. The best thing is: you don't need any programming skills. It works without any code.

And this is how it works

1. Free registration

You're ready to go. To start, you need to register for free on the Combeenation platform.

2. Upload 3D model

Once you have access to the Combeenation platform, simply upload the desired 3D model.

3. Your 3D viewer is ready

Our customers can't believe it themselves. As soon as the 3D model is uploaded, you are just one click away from the 3D viewer. And that's all there is to it. Easy, right?

Why 3D-Viewer from Combeenation?

no code required
unlimited number of 3D models
mobile optimized
including augmented reality
simple integration

Frequently asked questions

How is it integrated into the website or online store?

Depending on the individual requirements, there are two common methods for easy integration of the 3D viewer. One option is to integrate this into websites via an iframe. Alternatively, a plugin or app specially developed for common store systems such as Shopware or Shopify can be used for integration.

Can I upgrade my 3D viewer to a configurator?

Yes, at Combeenation we offer you the flexibility to start with the 3D viewer and then upgrade to a configurator as required. You retain full control over the timing and scope of the upgrade.

Which 3D models do I need for the 3D viewer?

For a 3D viewer, you need 3D models that are available in a suitable file format. The main task is often to create the model with as few polygons as possible without neglecting the necessary details. At the same time, the aim is to achieve the most realistic representation possible. To achieve this, the "polycount" parameter is used. You can find more detailed information on this in the blog article "Creating a 3D model: Which data is suitable?"

You don't want to deal with the topic of 3D models? At Combeenation, we also offer a 3D service where you don't have to worry about a thing. Our team will create the 3D models for you.

What is the difference between a 3D viewer and a 3D configurator?

A 3D viewer and a 3D configurator are two different tools with different functions:

  • 3D-Viewer: A 3D viewer allows the user to view and rotate the product from different angles to get a comprehensive picture of it. A 3D viewer does not normally offer the option to customize or configure the product.
  • 3D-Configurator: A 3D configurator goes beyond the functions of a 3D viewer. It enables the user to customize and configure the product according to their individual wishes. With a 3D configurator, various options such as colors, materials, sizes, features, etc. can be selected and visualized. The product can be adjusted in real time to obtain a personalized representation of the product.

In summary, a 3D viewer is used to view products from different angles, while a 3D configurator also offers the option of adapting and personalizing products according to individual preferences.

What is a 3D viewer used for?

3D viewers are mainly used on websites and in online stores.

  • Websites: 3D viewers are often used on websites to display interactive 3D models of products, buildings, artworks or other objects. This allows visitors to view, rotate and zoom the models from different angles for a better understanding and detailed viewing.
  • Online-Shops: E-commerce platforms use 3D viewers to make product presentations more realistic. Customers can view products in 3D to get a better idea of their appearance, size and details. This can help them make more informed purchasing decisions and improve the shopping experience.

No 3D models available?

Leave the worry of 3D models to us. We'll take care of providing you with the right 3D data, at a fixed all-inclusive price. Make it easy for yourself and let us take care of the rest!

Do you still have questions?

Get started right away by registering on our platform or contact us without obligation and let us know your requirements.