We create your 3D models

Whether you only have photos or sketches of your products, we'll conjure up the right 3D data for you at an agreed fixed price. Let us bring your products to life digitally and set them apart from the competition.

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3D models at a fixed price

No 3D models available? No problem - let us worry about that. We will create the appropriate 3D data for you for an agreed flat rate, even if your customers can only provide photos of the product.

3D model of a cup with detailed view.

Advantages of 3D model creation


Concentrate fully on the creation of the configurator. We take care of the 3D models.


It would be a pity if the configurator's benefits could not be fully realized only because of the missing 3D models.


Only high-quality 3D models leave our house. We are not satisfied with anything less.

3D model of a sauna
3D model of an outdoor kitchen
High resolution 3D model of a shelf
High resolution 3D model of a ceramic mug
High resolution 3D model of a bicycle
3D model of a garden shed
High resolution 3D model of a motorcycle

How much does a 3D model cost?

We are asked this question again and again: What are the prices for 3D visualization? The prices for 3D models can vary greatly depending on the desired quality and complexity. To give you a first impression, we have deposited exemplary 3D models with prices on our website.

Coffee cup stands next to a calculator with banknotes in it

Three steps to the perfect 3D model


Contact us and tell us your requirements as precisely as possible. How many products are involved? Which data (pictures, technical drawings, etc.) are currently available? We are looking forward to your inquiry to info@combeenation.com!


Once we have gathered all the requirements and reviewed the available data, we will prepare a free quote for your desired models within a few days. With us, you get a fixed price, so there are no nasty surprises.


After you've reviewed the offer, all we need is your approval, and we start with the creation of your 3D models. You don't have to worry about anything else - just wait for the finished 3D models.

Frequently asked questions

What does a 3D model cost?

The cost of a 3D model depends...

  • on the level of detail and complexity of the product (For example, is it a simple round soccer ball or a detailed kitchen appliance?).
  • on the modularity (How many parts can be configured?). 
  • on the source data (Are there images, or even better, CAD data available?).

We have listed indicative prices of different 3D visualizations for you.

What do I need to start with the creation of a 3D model?

  • Mandatory: images of the product and the materials, textures, and fabrics to be used. 
  • Ideal, but not mandatory: CAD data or polygon models.

How long does the creation of a 3D model take?

The creation time depends largely on the level of detail of the 3D model and the materials to be created (e.g., one bed but fifteen different types of wood). However, it should be possible to implement the project within a few weeks, or even within days if it has to be completed more quickly.

I already have 3D models, can I use them?

We would be happy to view your existing 3D models. The central questions here are: In which format are the data available, and are they already web-optimized?

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