What you miss without 3D configurators. 

Whether increasing online sales by offering a unique digital shopping experience or giving customers the opportunity to design their own products, our 3D configurators provide all this and more

Swissmobilia configurator in black tablet

Increase your sales & customer inquiries

Using the configurator makes customers stay longer on your site. In addition, the customizability of the products and the shopping experience increase the willingness to buy, with studies showing that personalization boosts sales by up to 20%.

Increased sales with 3D configurator

Reduce your returns to zero

The more honestly a product is presented and the more interactively customers can experience an item, the higher their post-purchase satisfaction. Returns due to misunderstandings and false expectations are reduced to zero with the configurator. In addition, our configurators guarantee that only the variants that can be ordered and produced are displayed at all times. 

Reduction of returns rate through 3D configurator

Increase customer satisfaction

Using a 3D configurator increases the purchase completion rate. Customization of the product revolutionizes the buying experience and gives customers the feeling that they are guaranteed to choose the right product for them. 

Why Combeenation

The sales boosting configurator

With Combeenation, you rely on a system of maximum flexibility. You don't get a hard-coded configurator, but an individual solution that can be adapted and expanded at any time to meet changing customer needs. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a unique approach, well thought-out design and much more, Combeenation is regarded as "The sales boosting configurator". For more than 12 years, our configurators have been pursuing one goal: to boost your sales.

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Reach your customers 24/7

Your 3D configurator is an additional sales representative and is available to advise your customers at any time or place. A configurator combines all product knowledge and knows all possible combinations.

24 hours and 7 days availability

Bring your products to life

Thanks to the 3D representation, your product can be examined from every angle. Changes in color, size, material, etc., are displayed immediately and without long loading times. A unique opportunity to really showcase your products.

Product images are no longer enough, and it is only through Combeenation's 3D configurator that Konektra's shelving system can truly be understood while enhancing the shopping experience.

Furniture configurator

B+N Industries offers modular shelving and interior design systems and has been operating across American for over 30 years. Customers include the likes of McDonald's and the Bank of America.

System furniture configurator

Leitl has been the perfect contact for single, double or large-capacity garages for more than 40 years. The configurator enables a significant increase in efficiency in the quotation process.

Garage configurator

Changing backgrounds, unique 3D models, and a day/night mode are just a few unique features of the Vespa configurator. Product presentation par excellence.

Motorcycle configurator

At Dogsworld, custom solutions are the standard. The dog crates for the trunk are 100% custom made and can be easily assembled using the product configurator.

Dog crate configurator

Unique front doors require unique solutions. Pieno front doors offers its customers a wide range of product variations - both in the showroom and online.

Front door configurator

As a specialist for lighting solutions, Molto Luce has several million product variants that are easily put together with our configurator and immediately transferred to the ERP system.

Lamp configurator

Renovating and planning a new bathroom is not something you do every week. Support is needed for this. Palme provides you a 3D configurator, which guarantees intuitive operation.

Shower enclosures configurator

With the configurator of "Florians Hütten" garden dreams are realized quickly and easily! Individual floor plans, various surfaces and different room & roof designs are no challenge for the online tool.

Garden house configurator

Speed up the sales process

Save time and effort - because customer service and individual consultation are handled directly by your configurator. The current price, possible discounts, or a parts list are generated in the background during configuration. At the push of a button, the relevant offer is displayed in seconds.

Accelerate the sales process through 3D configurator

All-round package

We believe in appreciative and fair cooperation. That is why Combeenation provides you with a fixed price offer without hidden costs.  You will have a personal contact person who will take care of your personal concerns - even after go-live - and who will evaluate your key figures together with you at regular intervals to ensure maximum success. 

All-round carefree package

But that's not all...


Our platform offers interfaces to your CMS, PIM, ERP or individual system.

All interfaces

Your configurator is individual - choose from unique functions & features.

All features
3D models

We take care of the creation of your 3D models and bring your products to life - at a fixed price.

Creation 3D models

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your sales?

Contact us and book a demo appointment to learn more about your product configurator. The configurator experts at Combeenation look forward to your inquiry.


The process

Simply to the competitive advantage 

In just a few simple steps, your personal 3D configurator is part of the webshop, igniting the sales turbo. 

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Since the use of the Combeenation configurator, 25% more inquiries have been generated.

Mario Pilsl
CEO Pieno GmbH