Augmented Reality

It has never been easier for your customers to experience products up close in their personal physical environment before they buy. Augmented reality (AR) turns your online store or website into something unique and creates a special shopping experience.


Reality redefined

With Augmented Reality, your products are displayed in your customers' actual environment. The digital and the real worlds become one. Users can simply place an object in the room using their smartphone and then view it from all sides, seeing what it would look like in real life. The sofa can be placed in the living room before purchase, the garden lounge can be projected onto the terrace or the indoor office into the production hall via smartphone. Product images or videos were yesterday's news. Augmented reality goes one step further.


Try it

You want to place the chair at your home? Here's how!

1. Click on the button below

  • If you are currently browsing on your desktop: Scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  • If you are currently browsing with your smartphone, you will be automatically redirected to AR mode.

2. Point your smartphone to the ground to place the product.
3. Finally you can see your desired product in your own environment.

Try it

Armchair is placed in the living room using augmented reality.
Augmented Reality

Your benefits

Increase sales and reduce returns

Augmented reality allows customers to see their desired products in a real environment before they have even bought them.  Your products come to life, ensuring more sales and fewer returns.

Unique selling proposition

With the help of AR technology, you can create a unique position for yourself in the fiercely competitive online business. You will stand out from the competition and score points with a unique product presentation.

Increase shopping experience

Customers can view your products from any angle in their personal environment, changing the options and colors as they wish. The higher the customer interaction, the higher the shopping experience and the brand loyalty.

61 %
prefer stores that offer Augmented Reality (according to Retail Perceptions).
94 %
more conversions through the use of Augmented Reality (according to Shopify).
88 %
of the young target group wants to use Augmented Reality for shopping (according to Snapchat).

Areas of use and application examples of AR


Lift systems, machines, indoor offices, storage systems,...

Real Estate

Houses, gardens sheds, garages, house additions, ...


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Augmented reality
in e-commerce

Read this article to find out where augmented reality is used, what advantages AR offers in e-commerce and how the technology, in conjunction with a product configurator, becomes a powerful tool for designing a customer journey.



No 3D models available?

Leave the creation of 3D models to us. We guarantee to provide you with the right 3D data at a fixed all-inclusive price. Sit back and leave the rest to us!


Sofa realized in 3D.

Frequently asked questions

Is integration with my store system possible?

Of course we offer the possibility to connect Augmented Reality with your store system. 

How does Augmented Reality work?

As soon as the user has made a product selection, a QR code is generated.

The buyer can simply scan this code via smartphone or, if he is already surfing on his cell phone, switch directly to AR mode.

This means that the product can be placed at home in the living room, for example, or in a production hall before it has even been purchased.


Do I necessarily need a configurator or an online store for AR?

No, you don't need a configurator or an online store to get started with AR.

Ready to take off with augmented reality?

Our experts are available to help you with all your concerns around augmented reality, 3D configurators and 3D models.