5 Signs That Your Business Model Benefits From A Configurator

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More and more companies are deciding for business models in which product customization plays a central role: “build-to-order”, “assemble-to-order”, “configure-to-order”, “make-to-order” or “engineer-to-order”. For customers and consumers, this means that they can configure and purchase individual products according to their wishes.

It is often surprising how little attention is paid to customer touch points in sales and in the acquisition process. Modern solutions for configure-price-quotes (CPQ) are no longer bound to dusty, confusing Excel constructs, but highly efficient sales tools like digital configurators. Thanks to real-time 3D rendering, CPQ configurators deliver perfect models of individualized products with all product specifications for a wide variety of ERP and CRM systems.

So when is it time to use a product configurator in sales?

  1. Your customers think that catalogs are now “old school”
    Pages-long catalogs have definitely already had their glory days in both B2C and B2B. Who still wants to put together and present their product using article numbers and illustrations? A digital solution is faster, more pleasant and more therefore a more customer-centric approach.
  2. You want to streamline the process how to make your quotations
    There are certain workflows that just take too long, are complicated and therefore prone to errors and misunderstandings. If a customer is able to already see the product model as a 3D rendering in the configurator and orders are connected to ERP and CRM systems, there is no more need for long email conversations.
  3. Even for the best sales people, your product is almost too complex
    Do you have the feeling that it takes at lot of time for your sales reps to get to know product specifications and module compatibility of your product? Do they loose sight of the customer's needs? If your product is so complex in all its parts and functionalities that especially new salespeople have a hard time acquiring product knowledge and are insecure in front of customers, the use of a CPQ configurator might make a lot of sense. When all of the know-how is centrally managed, standardized and accessible to all employees remotely and at any time, everybody can focus on the customers.
  4. High returns rates are a thorn in your side
    Order returns are inevitable, but can be minimized by using a configurator: an integrated product logic won't allow incorrect entries, even for the most complex products. As a result, the error rate is practically reduced to zero, therefore returns shrink and so do costs. This way, the process is much more sustainable, too.
  5. Additional services make your product really profitable
    Sometimes, putting together the optimal mix of additional services for every product can be hard for sales reps. With a CPQ product configurator at hand that automatically presents the best service solutions for all conceivable customer requirements it's done at the push of a button.

Successfully implement configuration projects

We would be happy to work with you and help you to determine the enormous leverage that a product configurator can have in sales. Tell us your requirements and we will get back to you for a no-obligation initial consultation.

For research purposes, we recommend checking out the Configurator Database, the world's largest collection of digital product configurators from 17 different industries.


Infographic building a configurator guidelines