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There are many paths to success, and as a leading provider, we know almost all of them. Choose for yourself the optimal combination for your online store. 

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Real-time 3D visualization

The feeling of taking a product off the shelf and looking at it from all sides can be recreated very well thanks to high-quality 360° visualization. We make products an interactive experience from all angles. Materials, textures, and product details appear close enough to touch. Individual adjustments at the touch of a button become visible in real-time - something that isn't even possible in reality.


Meaningful dashboard

The greatest features are of little use without ongoing analysis of the most important key figures. Combeenation serves you the most important facts in a clear dashboard, providing insight on the conversion rate, the achieved turnover, and the completed configurations.

online store configurator dashboard

Bill of materials & price calculation in real-time

With the live price calculation, your customers know what the product costs at all times, and all components are included in a transparent total price. If you want to save additional time, you can, for example, generate a parts list or a data sheet in parallel. 

Real world

Augmented reality

With augmented reality, your products are displayed in your customers' actual environment. The digital and the real worlds become one. It has never been easier for your customers to see products up close in their personal physical space before they buy them. Augmented Reality (AR) makes your online store distinctive and creates an amazing shopping experience.

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The sales boosting configurator

With Combeenation, you rely on a system of maximum flexibility. You don't get a hard-coded configurator, but an individual solution that can be adapted and expanded at any time to meet changing customer needs. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a unique approach, well thought-out design and much more, Combeenation is regarded as "The sales boosting configurator". For more than 12 years, our configurators have been pursuing one goal: to boost your sales.

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Easy integration into website

Once your configurator is ready, it can be used on your website almost instantly. Seamless integration by means of iframe has proven to be the best solution for uncomplicated embedding. 

integrate online store configurator to website

Easy expandability & maintenance

New today, old hat tomorrow. Products and their features change quickly. Combeenation's configurators can easily be extended with countless new products and features at will. Small changes in the backend can be done by yourself.

Onlinestore Configurator maintenance

Interface to shop, PIM, ERP systems

Our configurators love to network. They make stable connections with a wide variety of systems to synchronize item numbers, bills of materials, inventories, prices, and the like. Our customers rely on Shopware, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Wordpress, Typo3, Pimcore and more. The advantages are obvious: the workflow is simplified, and you save yourself quite a few manual operations again. 

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Even more features ...


No matter which countries you deliver to, you can easily show the local language and currency with Combeenation.


With us, you don't get a product off the shelf. We create individual usability that maximizes your user experience.


The 3D configurator is suitable for all devices - including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.


Don't worry, at Combeenation, only orderable & producible variants can be configured.

Open Choice Navigation

The user moves freely through the configurator without having to follow a fixed flow.


If users want to interrupt a configuration, they can save it and send it to continue later.

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